Indian State renaming Dragon Flower Lotus

Flowers and fruits are counted as national heritages of India off late. The Dragon Flower Lotus is recently renamed by an Indian state because of the original name which had an association with China prior. This news has set off a hurricane of jokes and memes as well, and you can witness it even from your social media account. Well, hitting straight to the topic, the Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani had said that the fruit would actually be called as ‘kamalam’ which is depicting the lotus flower in Sanskrit. The lotus flower is usually considered to be sacred to the Hindu religion. Not just this, it is also regarded as the national flower of India. 

Relations between India and China posing a decision in naming the flower

In the recent months, relations have nosedived quite a lot between India and China. The troops are locked along the long Himalayan frontier in a tense stand off. It is just a story from the recent years wherein we got to know that India originally began cultivating the dragon fruit, and the fact that it is now being grown in different parts of Gujarat as well. This flower actually belongs to the biological family of cactus, and thus, it is believed to earn a fearsome name due to its pointy layer on the outer side, thereby resembling the scales of a dragon. 

This is a tropical fruit and it is native to the Central America which is largely imported from the South America. A lot of people in India even associate this with China for its name. The rival nations, both China and India have been described as the elephant and the dragon respectively. Since their armies clashed high in the Himalayas, their relations with the neighbors seem to be especially frosty. The decision of the state to rename this fruit was actually announced by Mr Rupani on Tuesday. The lotus is counted as the election symbol of the Bharatiya Janata party and the PM of India, Mr Narendra Modi belongs to the same. Mr Rupani told it to the local press that since the name, dragon fruit does not sound to be appropriate and such a name indicates China, it is better that we call it by its name, “Kamalam.”

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