Israeli soldiers tricked into Hamas installing malware


Dozens of Israeli soldiers have been victims of a piracy plan organized by the Hamas militant group that infected their smartphones with malware.

An Israeli army spokesman revealed that soldiers were sent fake photos of young women in an effort to attract them to download an application that can access their devices without their knowledge.

Fortunately, however, there was no "significant information violation" before the scam was discovered.

According to Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus, this was the third attempt in recent years by Hamas to infiltrate the smartphones of Israeli soldiers and was also the most sophisticated so far.

Honey trap

Hamas's latest scheme began with hackers pretending to be young women with imperfect Hebrew online. However, to seem convincing, hackers claimed to be immigrants or have visual or hearing disabilities.

Once they became friends with the soldiers, the women & # 39; women & # 39; they would send them links that, according to them, would allow them to exchange photos. However, when you click on the links, malware was actually downloaded to your smartphones.

The malware then gave the hackers access to all the data on the soldiers' smartphones, including their location, images and contacts. It even allowed smartphones to be manipulated remotely, which allowed attackers to take photos and video recordings without the soldiers' knowledge.

The Israel Defense Forces discovered the Hamas plot several months ago, but according to Conricus, they let him continue under surveillance until the operation finally closed.



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