Italian elevator shoes for men

When it comes to wearing men’s elevator shoes, several intriguing features make these height increasing shoes desirable. To some, it is the beautiful aesthetic design; to others, it is the comfort and height it offers. I will be sharing with you the reason why I love wearing elevator shoes. 

But before I do, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I switched from wearing traditional platform shoes to elevator shoes. You will also know why I stopped wearing just any type of elevator shoes to wearing the best elevator shoe brand.

I like to think of myself as a fashion enthusiast and one who loves to look good at all times, but I had one singular problem. I was not comfortable with my height. My height insecurity led me to feel less confident about myself, and I wasn’t bold enough to approach ladies taller than me. I decided to look for ways to get rid of this height insecurity, and my search led me to elevator shoes. 

I fell in love with elevator shoes immediately. I found out about them, and I was more than willing to give it a try. I was not concerned about the brand or quality because all I wanted was to enhance my height and boost my confidence, which had been battered. 

At first, I was encouraged to have finally gotten a solution to my low confidence due to my height sensitivity. But things took a nosedive when I almost lost my balance due to the sudden pulling away of my elevator shoe soles. 

That event was very embarrassing as I was not expecting a new pair of shoes to suddenly get bad after putting it on just once or twice. What made things worse is that it happened right in front of my long time crush that was finally giving me some attention. I could sense the mocking smile on her face as she sarcastically tries to make me feel better. 

She asked to take a look at the worn pair of shoes, but I was reluctant to give it to her. I didn’t want her to know that I was wearing an elevator pair of shoes, but to my surprise, she admired my fashion sense and complimented me for wearing height increasing shoes.

However, she pointed out that I didn’t buy a quality elevator shoe brand, and she suggested that I buy elevator shoes. I felt surprised but was filled with admiration about how much she knows about men’s height increasing shoes. How she knows so much about elevator shoes is a story for another day. Since that incident, I have been a loyal customer to quality elevator shoes not because my crush introduced me to it but because I have tested and trusted several good elevator shoe brands and have never been disappointed. 

Now, what do I love most about elevator shoes for men?

I will streamline elevator shoes to the best elevator shoe brand, which is none other than Italian brands. I love elevator shoes for the following reasons:

  • Durability
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The embarrassing event of that day when the sole of my new pair of elevator shoes gave way remains fresh in my memory. There and then, I made up my mind not to wear an elevator shoe brand without doing proper research. Since I began wearing quality elevator shoes, I have not experienced such, although I make sure to maintain them properly. Elevator shoes are durable, trust me.

  • Quality

Right from my platform shoes wearing days; I have been a stickler for quality. I always believe in looking good. But with elevator shoes, I was not sure of a quality brand to buy. That was why I went for any brand of elevator shoes, but I learned my lesson the hard way. The quality of Italian elevator shoes is top-notch because a lot of effort was put in place to bring about an outstanding elevator shoe brand. 

There are several other reasons why I love Italian elevator shoes. Still, to me, the above two listed factors are the primary reasons why I will always be a loyal customer to Guido Maggi elevator shoes.

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