Japan’s virus outbreak: Super Nintendo world opening delayed

The Covid 19 has moved the world and there’s certainly no denial to that! There is hardly any country or city that didn’t have an impact of the coronavirus. The same goes to countries like Japan as well. Recently, it has been reported that the rising number of coronavirus cases in Japan has delayed the opening of the Nintendo’s first theme park in the country. The Super Nintendo world, which is basically modelled on different levels of the Mario games is yet to open on 4th of February. 

Nintendo park opening postponed

However, Japan had expanded its state of emergency until 7th of February at least, and this is extended beyond Tokyo so as to include the location of the park, at the Osaka prefecture. It was since the mid 2020 that the opening of the Universal Studios Japan was postponed all due to the pandemic. Since there is a constant uncertainty in and around every place, the opening of the park has now been in a dilemmatic state and we are not sure how things are going to turn up.

However, Nintendo has posted a video tour of the park in the month of December and it started Shigeru Miyamoto who has been the creator of Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda among several others. It is not the only first theme park that has been suffering the troubles at the time of the pandemic, something that did shutter the Disneyland theme park on California. This also happens to become a large scale vaccination centre too! 

Japan under the state of an emergency

Japan is currently going through the state of emergency which has avoided a wide range of lockdowns so far including the one in the UK and other European nations as well. It is clearly stated from the authorities that the residents are restricted from all sorts of non essential trips outside their homes. The instruction is circulated in the country stating that people should move out of their places only if they have necessities to fulfill. 

From our sources, we got to know that the total number of cases until Tuesday was 3,00,000 and it included more than 4000 death cases. The Covid 19 has also made a change in the fate of the Tokyo Olympics that was scheduled for this summer, and it is now postponed since last year. 

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