John Carpenter almost directed a Halloween sequel


Hallowe'en the creator John Carpenter was very close to returning as director for the 1998 sequel Halloween H20, but, unfortunately, it was not meant to be. While he hasn't directed a movie since 2010, Carpenter remains one of the most respected directors in horror, science fiction and action movies. Hallowe'en It may well be his best movie, but later efforts like They Live, The Thing, Escape from New York, Y In the mouth of madness all have faithful followers of worship and have carved their own niche in the annals of film history.

One thing Carpenter has never really liked is to make sequels. In fact, the only follow-up he has directed is that of 1996. Escape from L.A. Kurt Russell's second adventure, Snake Plissken. The only other work of his direction that was even based on an existing film was The thing, and that was less a new version of 1951 The thing of another world and more a readjustment of the book Who goes there? by author John W. Campbell. In short, Carpenter does not seem to like repeating himself or others.

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However, it turns out that Carpenter almost broke his tradition of not making sequels by redirecting one of the largest entries in the Hallowe'en franchise he created, Halloween H20. The project saw Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode for the first time since 1981, but unfortunately, there was no meeting between Curtis and Carpenter.

Why didn't John Carpenter run Halloween H20?

Actually, it was Jamie Lee Curtis who pressed for John Carpenter to lead Halloween H20, since I wanted to try and gather some of the original ingredients that made the first movie work. The information has circulated over the years that Carpenter was simply against the idea of ​​helping a Hallowe'en sequel, but in reality that is incorrect. At one point, Carpenter agreed in principle to lead Halloween H20, But along with this agreement a series of lawsuits arose, which turned out to be too much for the sequel producers.

First, Carpenter insisted that he be paid $ 10 million to direct Halloween H20, It goes without saying that it is more than a little high for everyone, except for the most bankable filmmakers. Carpenter also wanted Halloween H20 Be the first in a three-movie deal with the creators Dimension Films. Regarding the high salary, Carpenter reportedly asked because of the feeling that he had been scammed for the money he had long owed Hallowe'en producer of the Moustapha Akkad franchise. As a result, one could argue that Carpenter knew it would probably happen, Akkad and Dimension said thanks but no thanks, they rejected Carpenter's terms and Steve Miner ended up directing Halloween H20. While the sequel ended up being quite well considered, one wonders what Carpenter could have done with the material.

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