Karen Hobbs, Mum of 5 dies due to Covid

Recently, we got a very sad news to share with you all! It is with utter grief that recently a mom of 5 children died at the age of 40 years due to Covid 19. This deadly disease has taken away so many lives and has created a blunder. The family of a healthy 40 years old mom of 5 have reminded all the people to follow the lockdown rules all over again. Karen Hobbs died due to a heart attack and she died after being tested Covid positive. 

Rachel’s statement about her sister’s death

She has been a former EasyJet cabin crew member who had developed a few symptoms just a week prior to the Christmas Eve. She was unable to get out of the bed, and slowly and gradually, she started struggling to breathe as well. She was taken to the hospital after she was diagnosed of Covid 19 and then she finally breath her last on 19th of January 2021. Rachel Hobbs, who happened to be Karen’s sister said, “She just looked dreadful, Christmas Day she was laid up in bed, she couldn’t do anything. I knew she was really bad but I’d never seen anybody like that before, it was shocking, for someone that healthy to be barely able to walk to a car is quite shocking.”

Her sister said that Karen got into induced coma on 2nd of January 2021 and since then, her health started deteriorating badly. She added, “She was really terrified, she said ‘I need to come out of this and see my children again’. She never came out of it.” She went on stating, “She did look a little bit better, she had more colour, she was quite puffy – swelling and a bit of a rash on her. Her lungs were struggling, so we came home a little bit shocked. “Her body just couldn’t take it any more. I don’t think it’s sunk in. I think the children are still in a bit of shock as well, I thought she would come out of it but she just had it so severe.”

The family was also informed by the physicians that all her organs began to fail and the fact that she started getting downhill about a week prior to her death, and her lungs were struggling. She said that the whole family returned home from the hospital in a shock, as Karen was being fed in a tube and over the time, it was evident that her body was not actually able to take it any further. 

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