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Getting a healthy plan and understanding what to eat and what not, based on your lifestyle is extremely essential and for that, you may need to have someone to guide you through! Each and every health expert has their own approach. While some talk about cutting carbs, there are others who suggest taking proteins. One of the most effective ways that yield results is the intermittent fasting which does not involve any particular products for consumption, but rather it depends solely on your timing of consumption which is most commonly referred to as the 16/8 schedule. In a nutshell, you will be consuming the foods in a window of 8 hours and then you shall be fasting for the rest 16 hours in a day. 

Taylor Sinning who seems to have a good bit of knowledge about the procedure suggests that following such a fasting process can at times be really hectic and make you feel low in energy as you would need to skip your meals for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, Sinning recommends the people to intake protein bars or may be protein shakes along with drinks that are rich in vitamins and minerals. For a lot of people, weight loss is a major goal for the ones who are looking forward to a keto diet. 

The main thing about keto diet is that you will not have to stop eating food, but rather you can just change your habits of eating, and make sure that you are including a few things in your diet, and the rest is done. There is a pattern of eating and you would just need to abide by that! The only drawback of keto diet is that as you stop the diet, you will put on the diet immediately after! Therefore, you will need to stick to the diet on a long term basis, and if you do so, the rest is going to fall in place automatically after! 

One of the major concerns of people following a keto diet is that they usually need to be extra conscious about their eating habits and check their cholesterol level at regular intervals. This happens mostly because the diet is high in consumption of saturated fat. Therefore, the people might need to meet the dietician at regular intervals. 

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