Kim Kardashian looks stunning in White SKIMS bodysuit

Kim Kardashian has been the talk of the town of late and she was looking really pretty and stunning in the white SKIMS bodysuit amidst her imminent divorce from that of Kanye West. She had reported natural troubles with Kanye several times and then she had been keeping busy by running her shapewear empire. The KUWTK star modeled her new bodysuits for SKIMS that dropped on 8th of January. 


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Kim Kardashian is not allowed to report that a marriage on the rocks stops her from running her shapewear empire. It was posted 2 days after the reports had surfaced when a photo of Kim went up while she was adorning an essential bodysuit collection which she posted to her Instagram account on 7th of January right on her brand. Kim had focked a metallic silver thigh-high boots with the bodysuits that she had featured in 3 new styles, namely, the T-shirt, Sleeveless Scoop neck and Long Sleeve scoop neck bodysuits. 

The new pieces shall drop on 8th of January. The SKIMS post came up after a report had claimed that divorce is imminent between Kanye West and the CEO of the brand. The report further added that they are keeping it low-key but they are all set to be done. Kim had hired Laura Wasser as her lawyer and they are currently going forward with the settlement talks. The outlet came out with the second report whetrom they claimed Kenya’s presidential run 2 days later which he had conceded in Nov 2020. It was certainly serving as the final straw for Kim. Kim didn’t ever came out publicly and endorsed him. Her silence spoke volumes about her and their relationship. No wonder these reports, we had learnt that Kim is not yet ready to give a divorce. 

Kim and Kanye had been going through several sessions of counselling but the major issue lied in the fact that they have been spending very little time together. They have just come together only for the kids. Also, there was a lot of discussions about Kim not wearing her wedding ring, which she had revealed openly in quite a lot of her Instagram posts wherein a few of her fans said that she usually prefers to have a clean look, and probably that’s the reason for which she went without the ring in the images. 

There was a lot of discussion about Kim and Kanye and they were married in October 2014. Although they had their own ups and downs, there were several tensions which revealed great heights by the month of July 2020. Kanye said that she wanted to get the divorce and thus, wanted to get a divorce and thus, accused Kim and Kris Jenner for trying to fly doctors into Wyoming to lock him up. There were a lot of controversies regarding their relationship all around, but we wish them to be happy in their own ways!

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