Kim Kardashian will be starring in a true crime documentary

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Enough of those red carpet looks! The reality queen is up to something different nowadays. Kim is becoming better and more productive. One of the best true crime programming channels, Oxygen media has disclosed its five upcoming shows to media.  The news is one of them will be starring Kim Kardashian.

Kim will be seen in a true crime documentary which will be telecasted on oxygen media. The two hours documentary is inspired by her real-life efforts to secure clemency for the prisoners who she thinks are wrongly accused by the American justice system.

The documentary has been titled as “Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project”. Oxygen media claims that this show will be revealing a completely different avatar of Kardashian West. She will be the lead star and executive producer for the show as well.

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Oxygen Media is a true crime channel working on many crime-based projects with famous celebrities including Kardashian West. It is one of the fastest growing network channels expanding this year with many upcoming projects starring big names. With this documentary, it will be showing the never seen side of Kim Kardashian.

The premiere date of the documentary is unknown as of now. Oxygen media has not disclosed anything yet but as per some sources, the shooting will start in a few days and the show will be on the screen soon.

The actress cum activist is changing for the better. Last year she saved Alice Marie Johnson; a nonviolent drug offender who served more than 20 years of a life sentence. As per some sources, she has freed more than 16 inmates using her global fame and personal resources!

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A few days back she revealed that she wants to become a lawyer. The 38 years old had already started studying for it. Last year her petition to commute the life sentence for Alice Marie Johnson was successfully accepted by Donald Trump. She is getting more involved in prison reform. She mentioned in an interview that she always had an interest in law as her father was a famous attorney but her family discouraged her to pursue law as a career. Now she says that her goal is to become an attorney soon and help the deserving people.Seems like Kim is serious this time which is quite obvious from her recent activities. Some people are mocking her saying this is the same Kim K who just got famous with the sex tape. Of course, she can not change people’s perception of her overnight.

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Fans are eager to see the serious side of the reality queen in the show. The documentary is based on one of the most controversial subjects of America which are why people are even more curious to watch it. It will be interesting to see if Kim can break her stereotypic image and do the justice of this kind of role. Let us wait and see the new Kim in action.

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