Kumail Nanjiani Talks About His Upcoming Movie Eternals

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Kumail Nanjiani is a comedian and actor who was born in Pakistan. Kumail’s family moved to Chicago when Kumail was 9 years old. Kumali is best known for his work on Silicon Valley, The Big Sick, and Portlandia. Kumali has just been cast in the upcoming Marvel movie Eternals as an Eternal named Ikaris. In this post, we will explore Kumali’s life and career, including all information about his new movie Eternals!

Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani talked about how his character is different from the stereotypical brown people in Hollywood. Chloé Zhao, an Academy Award winner, directed the film. The film will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eternals is a new movie. It has a lot of new faces that will be in the story. The movie comes from one of Jack Kirby’s comics, and it might be different than other superhero movies.

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In the comics, Kingo actually appears as a Japanese samurai who, in modern times, has a successful career as an action movie star in Japan. The character has been reimagined for Zhao’s film to reflect Nanjiani’s South Asian heritage. Nanjiani’s Kingo is an A-list Bollywood star that leaves behind his friends to help the Eternals in their fight against the Deviants. Nanjiani and Zhao had a chance to make Kingo not follow traditional stereotypes for people from South Asia or the Middle East.

Eternals': Kumail Nanjiani To Play A Bollywood Actor, Do A Bollywood Number! - Entertainment
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What can we expect from Kumail Nanjiani Upcoming Movie Eternals?

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Nanjiani pointed out the stereotypes that Eternals’ Kingo challenges. He says that lesser Hollywood films portray brown men as either nerdy or terrorists. Instead, he wanted Kingo to be cool and full of joy. Check out Nanjiani’s full statements below:

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He is an Eternal. He has been here for thousands of years and has superpowers, and he became a Bollywood movie star. All the Eternals have been in human society to different degrees, but he loved living with humans and fell in love with the trappings of modernity. And he loved being rich too! He likes being famous, and he is an Eternal. I’ve been in this industry for about a decade,e and I saw that brown dudes usually get nerdy. I wanted him to be the opposite of that – strong physically, not just mentally. I wanted my son to be a happy person, not a terrorist. So I made him this character with joy. We made him different from people in American movies and pop culture who see people from Pakistan or the Middle East as terrorists.

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Kingo is not the only Eternal to receive an updated background. Many creative liberties were taken with Kirby’s Eternals. Sersi and Gilgamesh are two other examples of this. The comics have two people who come from different countries. But for the movie, Sersi is someone who comes from China while Gilgamesh comes from South Korea.

Zhao’s movie about the Eternals is a great chance to take a new look at this group of people. The film will be an opportunity to change how people think about what Marvel Comics is all about, and it will also have lots of different backgrounds in it. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie already changed a lot of things. The new Eternals movie will also have a lot of changes.

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