Sanju Kidnaps in Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya written update 

Kumkum Bhagya was one of the most popular romantic Indian television dramas. And it had a huge fan-base. On Nov 12, the Kumkum Bhagya update was written. It runs for more than five years now. The stars of the serial are Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia. 

Kumkum Bhagya written update 

On November 12, the episode starts. Alia plans to kill Prachi and she is told the plan doesn’t involve harming and killing Prachi anyway. Rhea had the strike idea to cancel the Ranbir and Prachi engagement so she called the Sanju to Dussehra party. Further, Ranbir tells Daljeet, Vikram, and Pallavi about his feelings for Prachi and refuses the engagement of Rhea. Ranbir pleased his family to cancel the engagement with Rhea. But Pallavi, Dalijeet’s health worsens, and Vikram throws Ranbir to the bedroom. But Ranbir recalls all the happiest memories with Prachi. And Ranbir dreams that Prachi comes and promises to him because Ranbir isn’t aware of what is happening around him. Then Ranbir decides to fight for his love. Alia tries to provoke Sanju to achieve her plan. Sanju prepared the master plan and took Prachi to the hospital and hid Prachi from Ranbir’s eyes for plan to get married to him. 

Gets Secretly Engaged To Prachi

Abhi feels extremely happy when he hears from Pragya loves her husband a lot and she doesn’t have any interest in anybody else. For epic love, Abhi cuts his hand and remembers the Pragya memories. Abhi says to Pragya that she was most similar to his mother and he mentioned that he had a lot of love for her.  But Pragya hesitates her feelings for Abhi. 

Ranbir Confesses His Feelings For Prachi

Pallavi asked Ranbir to change his clothes for the performance of Ravan Dahan. Sanju makes Pragya unconscious.      

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