Pre Season Patch – League Of Legends

Pre Season Patch - League Of Legends
Pre Season Patch – League Of Legends

League of legends fans, we are nearly there. The goal is to end 2020. LoL patch 10.22 made its round on the test grounds of the MOBA game and now landed at PBE for a tinkering of his own two weeks. Here’s LoL Patch 10.23 and only a couple more updates to come until the year is done – look at what is inside. If you track the dev reports and patch notes of the multi-player app, you will know that there has been an extended time spent checking PBE on Pre Season Patch 2021 in the past few weeks.

It’s going on through the test period of this update too, meaning that the accompanying notes will include two separate sets of balancing adjustments – pre season changes and patch changes 10.2 itself. We separated these into their own pieces so they could quickly be digested, since we are so supportive and lovely. You should search the previous LoL pad 10.22 comments if you want to figure out the complete rundown of how this Pre season test operates. Let’s see now what the fix 10.23 is going on.

We first had genius new Champion skins on our way: Triumphant Lucian (recently released in partnership with LoL 2020 Graded Rewards), Zac and Nasus battle-casts, and Jayce, Singed, and Yorick resistance models. Candy. 

As for balancing adjustments, as is always the case anytime a new patch enters the pbe, not many are actually currently available for patch 10.23 – but keep monitoring these comments as some would most certainly be issued in the next couple of days. And of course in the meantime, you have all those improvements in Pre-Season Winner. Plus, Mark Yetter, the lead games artist, reported that the monster patch notes will come next week.”

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