LED Flood Lights – The Complete Buyers Guide

Buying LED flood lights can be a challenging experience, even to those organisations who’ve done it before. There’s a lot of variety in the market, and with so many options on offer it can be hard to know where to start browsing. Fortunately there are common elements every LED flood light features that help make it easy to discover what setup is ideal for a business. So let’s now look at everything prospective buyers of LED flood lights should know when looking to make a purchase.

Why LEDs?

For any organisation still looking to learn why LED flood lights are such a great selection a quick overview of their features is useful. LED flood lights are up to 90% more efficient than their halogen counterparts.  As well as having a long lifespan generally – with over 50 thousand hours of use expected from each light – they’re also shock and vibration resistant. LED flood lights also perform well in a variety of climates, with models available that can continue to perform across extreme temperatures that drop as low as -20°C or climb as high as 80°C. 

Domestic Versus Industrial Floodlights

It’s important to keep in mind different categories of LED flood light exist, with the difference between domestic and industrial potentially a key consideration for any business that operates on a small premises. An example of this is a former residential building since converted into a business premises, or a shopfront with a small footprint in terms of square footage. For businesses with premises that are significantly larger, there is no doubt industrial LED flood lights are the ideal pick. This said, there are certainly LED flood lights that can cater well to both a residential and industrial site, so for any business that expects to relocate premises in the near future it’s indeed possible to select a series of LED flood lights today that could find ongoing use from one location to the next in future.

How Many Lumens Will Be Necessary?

The luminosity of LED flood lights can vary greatly. At the smaller end of the scale, flood lights with 400 lumens can commonly be seen in use across small domestic locations such as the entry door of a residential property’s tool shed. At the other end of the scale, flood lights of 24,000 lumens can be seen in industrial sites illuminating a substantial tract of land such as a carpark. Just as its clear an industrial site shall almost certainly require more lighting than 400 lumens can provide, conversely many businesses that have a smaller footprint will find a light of 24,000 lumens is too big for their needs. So taking the time to discern the right amount of lumens – and potentially what lighting temperature – is ideal for a businesses’ premises is an important step when looking to make a purchase of new LED flood lights.

Flicking the Switch

LED flood lights are a fantastic selection for any business or organisation. LED flood lights are very cost-effective, durable, and versatile. They also offer an easy but effective way to increase the safety and security of a businesses’ premises. These are just some of the reasons why LED flood lights are already exceptionally popular, and make an excellent choice for any business in need of new lighting.

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