Legally Blonde 3 is happening; Reese Witherspoon

Legally Blonde 3 release date

The rumours of Legally Blonde 3 coming out are trending in the market again. This is not the first time this news has come out. Reese Witherspoon is continuously giving hints about the third sequel of ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Legally Blonde 2’, the movies which dominated the early 2000’s.

Witherspoon, the lead actress of the franchise posted an 8-second video a few months back where she is in the swimming pool floating across the camera as ‘Elle’(her character in Legally Blonde) did in the first movie. With this she implies the movie is soon to be out and again she will reprise her role as Elle Woods. 

There was an unbelievable rumour some time back that Christina Applegate might replace Reece in the third part since she was the first choice for the role back in the first movie as well. Christina turned down the offer back then which she regretted later. But now It is quite obvious that the rumour is so not true as Reese is the one who has confirmed the news of the third part coming. She has worked really hard for Elle’s character and completely nailed it. 

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She puts a lot of dedication and efforts for her roles. For Legally Blonde, she went to California University and spent some time with college girls. She even attended law classes to understand the role better and notice how the women in Beverly Hills behave. No wonder she did so well in the movie.  Legally Blonde has inspired many girls to go to Harvard in real. Witherspoon herself says that she receives a lot of emails from female fans for whom Elle Woods is a hero for their law school application.

The confirmed star-cast in the third sequel is, of course, Elle Woods and Emmet played by Luke Wilson. On the other hand, El Sidekick bruiser will not be a part of the movie. 

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As per the sources, Kristen Smith and Karen McCullah are working on the script. Talking about which, three years back, Reese shared a post on Instagram telling her fans how much she enjoyed the shooting days and she will never forget them. She also told the meetings are happening already to discuss on different plots and one of them will be confirmed soon.   Recently she said, “A lot of writers over the years have come up with different ideas for it. I actually think it’s kind of great right now because we’re talking about women in politics and how important that is to get more women”. 

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In the next movie, we might be seeing Emmet and Elle’s children or she would come back to Harvard as a professor and not a student or she might become a politician. Who knows! These are still rumours which are not confirmed yet and discussions are happening for long. Since the movie has got writers now, we hope the script will be finalized soon as it will be coming to the theaters on 14th February 2020, valentine’s day. 

So, that is all we know so far about legally blonde 3. Keep reading Newsdio for more updates. What do you think is going to happen in that movie? please comment down below and let us know. 

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