Live Football On TV Returns – Here’s How Not to Miss Any Games

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The coronavirus pandemic certainly put on hold the sports world (and all of the worlds, really). We permanently lost some of the games, and some of them got postponed. After a long break in most sporting events around the world, football and sports are making a slow return to the field and the small screens. One of the first major leagues to return is the Bundesliga which restarted in early May. Other major leagues are also set to return in the next couple of weeks. All of the schedules for these leagues can be seen on TeleFootball – a livescore and fixtures website that will inform you all about the football tv schedules, where to watch the games, and even to-the-second results.

In this article, we’re going to talk about all the football games returning to the TV and the fields for fans to see. The resumption of football across Europe and the world is certainly a moment of joy to every football fan out there.

Will the games be on TV?

At Home Sports Fan Watches Important Soccer Match on TV, He Aggressively Clenches the Fist, Cheering for His Team. Cozy Living Room with Snacks and Drinks on the Table.

All of the games are going to be played on TV as well. You can check the schedules for all of the games and leagues on TeleFootball. If you miss any of the games, you can see results or livescores in the Football on TV and livescore app too. You can get notifications for goals and other events on the field as well as live results. There’s info on all major leagues as well as local ones. So you won’t miss anything.

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Premier League and English Football

Football in England is returning and viewers are more than happy to be able to watch them again. Slowly but surely football will resume with all the leagues and championships across the country. Some of the leagues are still to decide on how and when they will resume but they’ve made statements about their return. League One, for example, still hasn’t decided on an official date but League Two already voted to end the season early. Some games will end at their current point and cancel the remaining ones – such as the National League. The Women’s leagues have also been ended.

The much-beloved premier league is to start on June 17 with some amazing games ahead. The games are Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United and Manchester City vs. Arsenal. And the Championship will return on June 20 with Fulham vs Brentford.

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European Football

It’s still not fully clear but major leagues are taking action into returning back to playing. The final of Champions League is set to be played on August 29 and the final of Europe League is set on August 26. The Bundesliga started all the way in the middle of May with no audience. La Liga also returned on June 11.

Unfortunately, some leagues will not return this year such as the Eredivisie and Ligue 1 in France. And for some games, we’re going to watch them in 2021 such as the Euro 2020.

Professional football resumes in Italy as well. The top league games from Serie A will resume on June 20 with empty stadiums. Club owners are still hopeful that at some point fans will be allowed back on the stadiums.

Where are the games going to be played?

In Premier League the games are going to be played at the clubs’ own stadiums. It’s also discussed that neutral venues can be used for some games. The Premier League, for example, set the goal to complete the games at home venues when possible. Of course, all clubs will ensure that safety measures are taken and the risk for the players is minimal.

While playing with no audience might not be the most ideal situation for both the players and the fans, the clubs will try their best to improve the experience. They will play crowd noise and play live video of fans during games. There will be cameras and operators too – all following social distancing rules.

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Some clubs in Italy have turned to other creative ways to keep players motivated. Lazio, got fans to purchase cardboards of their image to be placed on seats during the game. All of the proceeds from this will go to the Red Cross. Inter Milan, on the other hand, will use light effects during games.

Measures taken by football clubs

Most of the clubs and leagues returning to playing have issued guidelines for COVID-19 to their players. The teams can travel with their preferred means of transport in case they follow social distancing rules. The players will have to follow strict hygiene rules such as drinking from their own bottles during designated water breaks or going to the stadium through a disinfected route. Dressing rooms and shower rooms will be disinfected and players can only have 15 minutes of therapy after a game.

Players will also not be allowed to handshake, spitting, or clear their nose. Medical staff will have to wear protective equipment if they treat any soft tissues. There will be no ball assistants as well. Clubs can also name more than the usual number of substitutes – nine instead of seven.

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