Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 9 and Episode 10 Summary

Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 9 and Episode 10

Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 9 and Episode 10 Summary

In previous Netflix episodes Locke & KeySam broke into Keyhouse to get the Dodge Master Key, which was actually Lucas. In Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 9, Ellie let Kinsey and Tyler get into her head, and on Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 10, the Lockes face Dodge and his shadows.

Inside Ellie's head

Kinsey confronted Ellie about Lucas. Bode had confirmed to her and Tyler that he had seen him at home. Eventually, Ellie decided to use the Main Key to show Kinsey and Tyler the truth while Rufus and Bode stayed behind. When they were teenagers, the Key Guardians opened the door in the sea caves. What looked like bright bullets shot from the door and beat Lucas before they could close the door. He was possessed by a demon, killing Jeff and Kim. Rendell used a hammer to kill Lucas to save the rest of them, but Duncan saw him. They removed and hid Duncan's memories with the Tree Key.

Rendell, Mark, Erin and Ellie threw the bodies next to the sea caves. The keys were distributed among them. Mark hid the keys in the house and killed himself with the Matchstick key after Ellie called him about Rendell's death. He didn't want anyone to get in his head to know where the keys were.

Ellie used the echo key to bring Lucas back whispering his name in the well. Unfortunately, she ended up bringing back the demon that possessed him before he died.

Shadow Key

When Nina caught Ellie in Keyhouse, she was looking for the Crown of Shadows and the Key of Shadows on Dodge's order. Ellie just found the crown and took it to Lucas. Bode recognized the symbol in the crown and found the key. When Ellie went to get the crown of her house, Dodge appeared and took the key and the crown. By inserting the key into the crown and using it, she could command shadows. Dodge used the shadows to invade Keyhouse to find the Omega key. Turning on the lights made the shadows disappear. After a fight with a plastic laser saber, they found Dodge knocked out on the ground.


Locke & Key Season 1 Episode 9 and Episode 10

Tyler and Kinsey called Jackie, Eden, Scot and Gabe to help them move Dodge. Jackie, Eden and Logan learned about the keys after Kinsey's fear attacked Eden. They brought Dodge to the sea caves and threw her out the demonic door. Meanwhile, Bode rode his bike to Whedons & # 39 ;. He called an ambulance when he found Rufus knocked out, but Ellie was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, we learned that Dodge had used the Identity Key to make Ellie look like her. Meanwhile, Dodge used the Identity Key to be Gabe, since it had also been Dodge all the time. While they had the demonic door open, a bright bullet hit Eden, and now it was possessed.

New beginning

Nina and Det. Matuko went out for coffee. He had recognized Nina's sobriety error when he had reviewed it. After speaking, Nina felt that coming to Matheson was a mistake. She talked with the children and Duncan about returning to Seattle, but everyone wanted to stay.

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