Maharani Art Exporters – The Pride of Jodhpur

Maharani art exporters

Jodhpur, once a quiet and little-known city in Rajasthan has emerged as a leading hub for textile and handicrafts in the recent years. The city has also become a hit favorite for customers in search for unique and ingenious furniture items. This boom has helped promote tourism in the city and has led to the growth of several associated jobs resulting in overall development of the region.

Maharani art exporters

Jodhpur owes much of this growth in textile and handicraft industry to the individual showrooms and stores that are keeping the customers happy and content with their top-notch service and their creative ability in presenting the rich cultural tradition with a touch of modern elegance. 

One such popular store in Jodhpur is the Maharani Art Exporters which is known for its expansive collection of shawls and other handicrafts and unique furniture items. Mukesh Jain, the owner of the showroom says that the emergence of Jodhpur as India’s leading market for handicrafts and textiles was bound to happen as this place has a glorious tradition of artists that strive continuously to deliver the perfect textile matching customer’s demands. Jain also believes that the city’s true potential is still unearthed and in the coming days it will become a global hub for textile lovers and buyers. 

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Jodhpur’s success can be understood by looking at the success of its individual stores such as Maharani Art Exporter. The showroom has a dedicated customer base which flocks to the store from across the globe and it is only increasing thanks to the word of mouth publicity. When asked about this global clientele, Jain says, “The cliché statement, ‘customer is the core of any business’ works for us everytime. All we do is focus on making every customer that walks in our story happy and the rest is taken care of automatically. This simple policy has enabled us to gain international and highly respected clients such as Paul Smith, Kenzo and Armani.”

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Elaborating on his customer-first policy, Jain shares an interesting anecdote. He talks about a customer from United Kingdom who came to the showroom after a friend recommended her. That customer wanted a shawl but was highly selective. In the end, Jain and his team had to show more than 20 designs to her and finally she selected two. For Jain this hard work pays off as it is the ideal advertisement for his brand as the customer would go back and share her experience with others, resulting in high quality promotion.

Another vital ingredient of Jodhpur’s success story is the policy of no compromise in the quality of raw materials. The textiles and other clothing materials produced here is made up of the finest quality fabric and the shop-keepers leave no stone unturned to keep the quality intact. All the items in Maharani Art Exporters ranging from wooden and Iron Lamps, Lamps Shades, Candle Stand, Iron Industrial Lamps, Heavy Single Log Lamps, Reclaimed Lamps, Spare Part Lamps, Wooden Modern Furniture, Iron Furniture, Industrial Furniture, Reclaimed Furniture, Leather Canvas Bags and Cushion and Handicraft Gift Items are made up of top-quality materials. The showroom takes pride in the fact that all the wood used for these furniture items comes from Government managed plantations. 

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With India becoming more and more open towards embracing global tourists, places like Jodhpur have a lucrative future. And the sheer efforts and talent of its merchants and artists is enabling Jodhpur to become a unique brand in the world of textiles and handicrafts. The city once talked about its rich legacy and cultural heritage and now is the time the city basks in the glory of unmatched talent and craftsmanship of its merchants.

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