Mallrats star Ethan Suplee got fit!


Do you remember the guy in MALLRATS who was looking at one of those "secret image" paintings of a schooner or a sailboat? He was also in REMEMBER LOS TITANOS, MY NAME IS EARL, AMERICAN HISTORY X and THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. If you still don't know who Ethan Suplee is, I can't help you. Anyway, the guy has gone through serious weight rehabilitation and a very healthy stallion has emerged! Have a look:

Congratulations to Mr. Suplee for taking his welfare by the horns and coming in swords! I always thought the guy was a comic talent and I hope he keeps tickling our funny bones for a long time! First Kevin Smith, now Ethan Suplee! It's nice to see those associated with View Askewniverse become healthy. Perhaps Mr. Suplee will return in the sequel to MALLRATS, which will surely become Smith!

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