Marathi has been declared as “Compulsory” in all central govt. office of Maharashtra

Mumbai (Newsdio) 12-11-2020 There has been an announcement from Maharashtra government about the compulsory use of Marathi in central government offices of the state. The official confirmation has been done with the circular which the Hon. Chief Minister Uddhav Thakrey has passed. He was instructed to use the language within different offices of the government. 

That means that all the written communication between departments will take place through Marathi. 

It seems that Maharashtra government is very strict to implement the order as it has cited to take disciplinary action against the officials who will flout the norms. That includes, cancelling the yearly increment of officials as well as giving negative remarks 

This has been done in the wake of a series of complaints which have been made by people who strongly opposed the release of official documents in English as they couldn’t grasp the facts which were written on it, thus leading to communication gap. 

“Saamana”, a newspaper run by Shiv Sena has talked about how creamy positions were awarded to North Indian or Non Marathi IPS officers, giving a scant regard to the state police service officers. The news gained importance and clearly led to the cancellation of 10 DCP rank officers after the Hon. The Chief Minister intervened in the matter. 

It has been only in the last month, where Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has categorically demanded from Flipkart and Amazon, that they should start using Marathi. Following this, there has also been letters which were handed over to top officials as well

MNS has made it clear that the time has come where the party is not going to keep quite over the sidelining of Marathi language. 

MNS Leader Akhil Chitre has demanded that e-commerce companies should tender an apology and create an option for people under “Choose your preferred language” where they can tick on “Marathi.

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