Mark Zuckerberg stated WhatsApp delivers over 100 billion messages every day

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that during the company’s quarterly profit call, Facebook-owned WhatsApp currently has a whopping 100 billion messages being sent on the site every day. It should be remembered that, for the first time on Sunday, last year, WhatsApp crossed this landmark. Zuckerberg estimates that more than 2.5 billion users are using WhatsApp and other Facebook-owned applications every day worldwide. In October, Facebook’s own WhatsApp had 2 trillion active users per month, according to data from Statista, while Messenger had 1.3 billion active users.

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Before January, WhatsApp reached five billionAndroid downloads, making it the only second non-Google app to attain this landmark. The recent updates of Instagram which include Instagram messaging and Facebook Messenger were addressed during the benefit call and the Facebook CEO noted that the reviews has been good so far.

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Notably, social networking giant Facebook has been working to add new functionality and in one such step, WhatsApp has rolled out the much useful always mute function for all, after testing it for months. The messaging platform also launched the always mute feature that will allow users to mute the alerts of a WhatsApp conversation or a party forever. In the past, there were three silent choices in the messaging platform – eight hours, one week and one year, but one can now avoid chat forever. This functionality is worldwide available for Android and iOS smartphones as well as the WhatsApp Web edition.

In the call, Zuckerberg provided the latest Instagram update, which includes Facebook Messages and Instagram. The CEO of Facebook added that up to now early feedback is positive.

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