Michaels Hours : When will the Michaels Stores open at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak?

Michaels Hours
Michaels Hours during covid-19

During the coronavirus outbreak, when most of the things seem to be locked down, most Michaels stores will remain open and they will continue to work during their regular hours. ( Read also : Tractor Supply hours and senior hours during Coronavirus outbreak )

Michael hours

Most of the stores in the United States are currently on lockdown in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. In most of the areas of the US, only the essential stores such as groceries and pharmacies will still remain open. 

Michaels is one of the biggest arts, craft, framing, and building retailers in the United States, and thus, they will remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. ( Read also : Hobby Lobby hours of operation amidst the Coronavirus outbreak )

Michaels hours at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak

During the Covid 19 pandemic, there have been a lot of restrictions that are levied on the stores and all. In such a scenario, here is the news that is released regarding the Michaels Hours. Michaels has announced that they will not be shutting down during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Michael stores shall remain open during their regular working hours?

Yes ! Michael stores shall remain open during their regular working hours, that is from 9 AM to 7 PM. It has given a statement to the news portal, wherein a spokesperson for Michaels said that they have closed many stores throughout the country in order to comply with county and municipal government orders. Several stores will still remain open while keeping a track of all the precautionary measures. Also, the stores will be sanitized heavily.

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Besides, the spokesperson further told the portal that social distancing will be prioritized so as to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in their stores. The spokesperson stated that all Michaels stores will introduce the curbside pickups for their customers, considering the fact that so many people will not want to come inside due to the ongoing pandemic. Also, Michaels will shut down all the public store activities, such as builders’ fests and kid zones.

Just a few days, a memo sent by Michaels’ executives was leaked online across the media. As per the memo, the higher-ups at Michaels had requested their employees to continue working. Nevertheless, Michaels’ CEO deemed the company an essential business, and thus, it was required for the functioning of other small private businesses such as farms.( Read also : Trader Joes hours and senior hours during the Coronavirus pandemic )

Most of the Michaels stores will remain open, while the other stores in certain cities and states will be shut down as per that of the county and state laws. The working hours might vary based on the state laws. Other than that, the functionality and the operations would remain the same with just an early tenure, thereby abiding the laws and regulations of that concerned state. Michaels stores will remain closed in the cities of Fort Worth and Miami. Also, Michaels Stores will be closed in the states of California, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Nevada, and New Mexico. Stay tuned to know more about Michael stores right from here!

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