Miraculous survival for the Florida puppy from jaws of death

In what could have been a deadly disaster, fell short of taking the life of a Florida man’s puppy. 

The nick of time freed the dog from the clutches of an alligator as the 74 year Florida owner just saved his puppy from the alligator’s jaws, according to the reports. 

Richard Wilbanks, 74 just managed to sweep into action after finding his pup in the dangerous water of his backyard pond. The incident is reported in the Fort Myers suburb of Estero.

The incident “just” fell short of deadly even the man’s hands were chewed up, as he made efforts to free it by forcefully opening the mouth of the gator. 

The man was taken by surprise, regarding the electrifying speed at which the gator came out of the pond “like a missile” to take back the puppy named “Gunner”

Wilbanks had received tetanus shot, as the incident has happened, which is ofcourse a necessary procedural norm considering the nature of such serious injuries resulting from attacks. 

The man knew that it was just a natural habitat for the alligator and he was doing things for his own survival and there was nothing surprising about it. He even knew that Gunner wouldn’t be walking dangerously close to the pond where the expected threat naturally looms large. This was the prime reason, he didn’t complain or inform the Florida Wildlife Commissioner on the incident. 

The incident did make him more careful and cautious regarding the advancement of the puppy and he has tied him on a leash now. 

Luckily, the life has been saved in the nick of time or else there would have been a dangerous effect to the same. 

All’s well that ends well even more so, as it has been a learning experience. 

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