Moto G9 promises to compete with upcoming flagships of Apple and Samsung?

Moto G9 may be the phone of the future whose release date looks obscure for now, however, the future phone could become the prominent phone should they incorporate the following things. The latest phone of the Moto G family was announced in April 2018, which had pretty decent specifications for the price tag it had on it. For the upcoming Moto G9 phone, it seems they are going to make it more sophisticated and aesthetically elegant. By doing this they can easily compete with the top mobile brands like Apple and Samsung.

Let us take a peek on what improvements could be done to make Moto G9 commensurate with the Giant brand’s flagships.

Moto G9

We know appearance, aesthetic and shape make a phone speak for itself; in Moto G9, a lot of attention can be given on the front side of the phone as the latest phone (Moto G6) does look good, however, it misses out many key things which could give an edge over all the competition out there. The key things that they should focus on should be the bezel and the shape. The shape is pretty ordinary for the latest phone and it can be modified to the better with a little slashing of the dimensions and giving the final touch to the appearance. The Bezel of the phone can be slashed as well to make it look more appealing to the very eyes; in fact, they can even give the V notch in the top right or left corner as keeping the v-notch in the middle is too mainstream. V-notch on the phone looks attractive and makes the phone look rich.

The specifications and features are the key factors which make the phone stand out over appearance. The latest CPU and additional RAM can make the mobile super-fast, and to make their upcoming phone compete with the leading manufacturers they will have to put some efforts and include the best features and design in the Moto G9.

For all the users who love to click flawless photos turn their head towards the best phones which offer the best picture clarity. In today’s market, the demand for the exemplary picture clicking phones is high and to fulfill that demand manufacturers are working day and night to achieve it at less cost. With the help of good lenses that allow you to click portrait photos can make the work easier to click the pictures. Moto G9 should have at least 3 cameras at the rear end comprising 15MP + 12 MP + 15 MP to capture scintillating photos.

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There are a lot of changes that can be done to make their future phone on par with the upcoming phones of top brands.

Will our expectations match with the product? Lets wait and watch.

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