Mr Beast Buys A $700,000 Private Island To ‘give Away’ To One Of His Subscribers

The American YouTuber is known most frequently for his expenses and philanthropic stunts, Jimmy Donaldson born 7th May 1998, best known as his online username Mr Beast. Donaldson started uploading Youtube videos at 13, under the heading “MrBeast6000,” in 2012, ranging from Let’s Plays, to “videos comparing the diversity of other Youtubes.” His videos were nevertheless relatively dark, averaging about a thousand views each, before his ‘100,000’ post, which attracted tens of thousands over a few days in 2017, was released. Donaldson has 40 million YouTube users since August 2020. He is owned by Night Media, a talent agency based in Dallas.

YouTube Star, Mr Beast, a 22-year-old, is known for making extravagant challenges and giving him many millions of dollars. Because of his top video ideas, Youtube star became famous on the platform. But Mr Beast took it at a completely different level this time. He announced that he bought an island in a video that was uploaded to Mr. Beast’s channel on August 15, 2020. He also claimed to give it to one of his subscribers as a prize.

YouTuber purchased $1 million or INR tickets for the 120 K Lottery and wanted to purchase an island in whatever quantity he was received. Despite the negative net earnings, Jimmy and his team visited the island to analyse and admire his latest possession for around $720 000 (Rs 5.4 crore), and in the following film. It was Mr Beast who was always mad to reveal the “second challenge to quit” when ten competitors flew to the island, and whoever was last, had to become the new owner of the priced piece of property.

Where is Mr Beast Island Located?

YouTuber has shown that the island is named Golding Cay in the Bahamas in the video. The island of Golding Cay is just north of the island of Russell. The fishing village of Spanish Wells takes about a 10-minute boat ride to Mr. Beast’s Island. The location of the island makes supplies from nearby places easy for its residents, the YouTuber says. Many restaurants in the vicinity are also available. In addition, Golding Cay is also near the international airport in North Eleuthera.

Is Mr Beast really buys Island?

Mr Beast has revealed that he had just purchased a true island for $730,000 in his recent YouTube videogame, uploaded on August 15. In this video, he walked the island while offering his subscribers an Icelandic Tour. Mr Beast explained that the island has a beach, a jungle and a cave on the island. Mr Beast said the island was almost four soccer fields long.

IS Mr Beast is giving his Island?

Mr Beast purchased $100,000,000 worth of lottery tickets and later put all of his winnings together. It turned out that he actually ended up losing more money than he gained through the lottery. He could only raise $720,000 in earnings. Mr Beast wanted to purchase the money he had received from an island. He also showed that he will give it to one of the volunteers, who will help him scan all the lottery tickets. On the island, there will be as many as ten volunteers, and the winner can keep it.

Net Worth of Mr Beast:

The net value of Mr Beast is $18 million, according to a survey. The videos on its YouTube channel make up the bulk of the Wealth of the YouTuber. It has more than 39 million YouTube viewers. Mr. Beast’s YouTube videos are mostly averaged above 20 million, making YouTube, the 22-year-old, one of the most wealthy in YouTube.

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