Murder-accused the teenagers: Reading stabbing

Recently, there has been a murder wherein three teenagers had been suspected, and we are still hoping for the best outcome to come up. The police have been suspecting the incident and the case has been under investigation. This case is being handled by the police. The police are confirming the case, and according to the reports that we have received so far, this is the update of the case that we have been receiving from the cops. It is quite obvious that everyone would be curious to know what is the status of the case and thus, things are going through a full fledged speed. Read on to know more, and we shall share you the brief about it very soon. 

Olive Stephens, who is also known by the name, Olly was declared as dead at the Bugs Bottom fields, Emmer Green in Reading, and this news was published on Sunday. Three teenagers have been accused of murdering a 13 year old boy who has been stabbed to death and they have appeared in the Crown Court. Two boys of the age 13 years and 14 years, along with a girl who has been 13 years old girl who have been charged with murder and conspiracy for committing grievous bodily harm. They were remanded in youth detention custody as well as a provisional trial date is all set for 21st of June. 

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Teenagers had been accused of the murder that took place

These three teenagers were identified for their ages and they had appeared at the Reading Youth Court earlier on the Thursday prior to the Crown Court hearing. The defendants had spoken at the youth court and so as to confirm their names, ages and addresses. The court has heard that the girl has been charged with perverting the course of justice. The court has heard a potential trial at the Crown Court hearing and it is estimated to last for 5 to 6 weeks. The court is still investigating the case, and it is thus trying to analyse the issue to the fullest by digging deep into it. The court hearing is on, and we have received the updates which we have already mentioned above. 

The cop was called just prior to 16:00 on Sunday which followed the reports of an attack in the fields on the Emmer Green and Caversham Heights’ boundary. Olly was declared as dead at the spot and his family had said in a statement on Wednesday, “An Olly-sized hole has been left in our hearts.” Her parents said that their son was an enigma and they had both autism and suspected pathological demand avoidance which meant that he became a challenge that we have never shied away from! Indeed the death incident has grabbed a lot of attention, and everyone is eagerly waiting for some final updates on the same. The case is upheld and we are waiting for the statements to come up!

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