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There are many reasons why we still tune in Sex and the city years after it has left the air. One of the reasons why we continue to watch the series over and over again is due to the incredible sense of fashion in the program. Another reason we continue to watch is because we love witnessing all the night dating disasters that the ladies are going through, and somehow, after all these years, we are still related to their experiences. However, perhaps the number one reason we still see SATC is because of the captivating characters that the series has blessed us with. What are the Myers Briggs personality types of all the main characters in Sex and the city? Continue reading to find out!

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Charlotte York is the daughter of the cartel of all the "SFJ" that there is, even if it is a bit stereotyped. Like most of the ISFJ personalities, they are extremely elegant people who care to present themselves in the most valuable and appreciated light. That's why Charlotte is always incredibly clean and well maintained. Maybe that's also why he has the best sense of style in the entire program, which says a lot. (Sorry Carrie!)

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Being an ISFJ, it is in favor of traditional values ​​that can sometimes clash with the other ladies of the group, especially with Samantha. However, despite his desire for tradition and a classic lifestyle that others might find a bit archaic and Stepford-style, Charlotte, like most ISFJs, is open enough to respect lifestyles. Opposites your other friends have.


Miranda is largely a type of INTJ personality, also known as "the mastermind." It may often seem that the INTJ is on top of the world due to its strong work ethic and the need for perfectionism, which is undoubtedly the case of Miranda. Seriously. How could anyone else be on top of their work in a law firm and at the same time maintain an active social life, all while juggling a newborn child in their arm?

Only an INTJ could do all this effortlessly. Sometimes, this type of personality may seem cold and emotionless, however, this is simply because they tend to lead with logic rather than their feelings. However, once you get them to open up like Steve eventually does, they can be fantastic lovers.


Carrie Bradshaw Dior

Carrie Bradshaw is the type of person who carries her heart on her sleeve, which is very typical of the ENFJ personality type. They tend to be very expressive with their emotions, and for this type of personality, finding love is one of the most essential parts of their identities. They tend to feel lost and incomplete without someone special in their lives, and that is how Carrie tends to feel. This is especially true when it comes to Mr. Big.

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Although he loves Aiden, he doesn't feel the same passion with him as with Big, and passion is an essential driving force of the ENFJ personality type. If there is no passion when it comes to something in their lives, then it makes no sense! The ENFJs also make excellent friends, which is clear in the program, and they will do almost anything to make sure that the people they care about most are happy and satisfied.


Samantha is an amazing woman who undoubtedly stands out from the crowd with her great personality. New York City is full of interesting characters, so the fact that Sam can stand out in the big apple says a lot about how fascinating it really is.

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Being an ESTP personality type, she is obsessed with making the most of life while still on this earth. Sometimes, this can cause you to do things that others might consider inappropriate. ESTPs are adventurous and motivated people who refuse to lead a conventional or mundane lifestyle. They are often frank and lead the truth instead of sweetening everything around them.


Mr. Big is a man of great mystery. He is constantly distant and able to remain calm, even during the most dramatic events. His masculine mysticism reminds us a lot of the ISTP personality type, similar to that of James Bond. This person is incredibly intriguing to others because they are constantly on the move and you never really know what they are thinking. That's why Carrie is so attracted to him, because she loves the idea of ​​trying to discover it even though she can never do it completely. This is what makes her come back for more.


Trey Macdougal is a person who has good intentions, but he and Charlotte simply couldn't make it work as much as they tried. He is largely an ISTJ because this type of personality gives an incredible amount of value to the rules and tradition. Trey will do absolutely anything to make his mother, Bunny, proud and happy.

Even if this means destroying his relationship with Charlotte in the end, he is the type of person who always puts his family's values ​​before him. Although Charlotte and Trey end up divorcing, they manage to remain in civil terms and there is still love between the two.


Aidan is a person of good heart who is a country boy of heart. He will do anything to make Carrie happy, although sometimes this doesn't always end up working according to the plan. ISFP personality types are known to be gentle and loyal to their partners, as well as to their friends and family. Sometimes they are complacent to people and often tend to be happy and lucky by nature, which is undoubtedly how we would describe Aidan. Although he was a great boyfriend, he was too naive and tolerant for Carrie, who needed that spark of passion that only Big could provide.


Harry Goldenblatt entered the world of Sex and the city Like a very necessary sunbeam. We were so used to it that most of the male lovers in the series were not available or were too aggressive in some way, and then Harry came over to show that there are still great men out there who are not trapped. His warm and silly personality closely resembles that of an ENFP, and he helps get Charlotte out of her shell, while Charlotte helps him become more organized and traditional.


Steve is a loving and outgoing person in Sex and the city who constantly lifts the spirits of people with his happy and lucky personality. He wants to lead a simple life in his career, however, his social life is very important to him and is a fundamental part of his identity. He cares a lot for his friends and family and will do almost anything to make sure that those around him are satisfied. The fact that he is able to relax Miranda from all people demonstrates how positive and warm he is. Sounds like an ESFP if you ask us!


As fans of Sex and the cityWe never thought of a million years that Samantha Jones of all people would be in a monogamous relationship, but, unfortunately, Smith arrived and convinced Sam to give him his heart. He is a little quiet / artistic, and is incredibly loyal to Sam. His kind behavior along with his artistic activities make him seem like an ISFP to us.

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