Netflix lowers video streaming quality in Europe to reduce data usage and ease strain on broadband networks


Netflix has complied with a request from the European Union to reduce its video streaming quality in Europe to ease the strain on the network of the millions of people who work from home.

According to the BBCNetflix is ​​reducing video quality in Europe for the next 30 days. Netflix says the change will reduce data consumption by 25 percent, but viewers will still be satisfied with the image quality.

To limit data usage, Netflix is ​​reducing bit rates, which could make videos look a bit more pixelated.

"Following discussions between Commissioner Thierry Breton and (Netflix chief executive officer) Reed Hastings, and given the extraordinary challenges posed by the coronavirus, Netflix has decided to start reducing bit rates on all our broadcasts in Europe for 30 days "the company said.

The European Union asked Netflix, YouTube and other streaming services to consider temporary reductions in streaming quality due to the abnormally large number of people who work from home and take advantage of streaming services.

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The EU wants streaming platforms to limit content to standard definition rather than high definition, and it also wants individual users to pay attention to their data consumption rates.

Having large numbers of people at home has raised concerns that broadband connections, which are designed to cope with sudden surges in traffic, cannot handle long days of adults participating in video conferences and children taking classes online or play games. Italy, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, experienced a 75 percent increase in domestic broadband and mobile network traffic over the weekend.

Netflix has not said whether the bitrate reduction will be implemented in other countries like the United States, but it does not appear that US internet providers. USA They have requested such measures at this time. The United States Federal Communications Commission earlier this week allowed Verizon, T-Mobile and US Cellular to temporarily use additional spectrum to meet the increased demand for broadband access.

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