Netflix’s “Prey” Review: Reasons You Should Watch

Netflix's "Prey" Review

Netflix’s “Prey” series is a thrilling new thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. This show features some familiar faces but has a unique storyline and set of characters.

Thomas Sieben wrote and directed Prey. We have already reviewed another movie that he directed, which was the German remake of The Disappearance of Alice Creed, and did not like the changes to the plot of the remake of a movie. We liked the original film. So we were happy when a different person wrote a new movie, Prey.

This movie’s only problem was that it was 10 minutes too long. If the movie had been shortened by 10 minutes, it would have been much stronger. But don’t worry. The movie is still not bad for Friday night entertainment so give it a try! Prey movie came out on September 10, 2021.

What can we expect from prey?

Roman, his brother Albert and their friends went on a hiking trip with their friends. They heard gunshots nearby. They thought hunters were nearby. But they found out that they were being hunted by someone who wanted to kill them!

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Netflix has a new show called PREY. This is a show about survival, and it is good. There are some other things in the show about before this terrible day in the woods. A group of friends is hiking together as one of them gets married. It reminded me of the rather good The Ritual. It was just like that, but without the plot twists. This new German Netflix movie was more straightforward than that one. But there is a lull in the second half of the movie, which makes it feel long. Quite an achievement for an 87-minute film!

There are three characters left. The older brother and the younger one both have different personalities. There is also a sister who got lost, and the two brothers work together to find her. You will want to decide which person you like best and see how that affects your decision about who should stay alive.

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Some people want to save themselves, and others cannot leave someone behind. In the end, you will have to watch Prey to find out who will survive.

Prey' Netflix Review: Stream It or Skip It?

The cast for this show has some actors who are in movies or shows that are in German or based in Germany. The actors are Hanno Koffler, David Kross, Robert Finster, Klaus Steinbacher and Yung Ngo.

In this movie, there is a problem. It is the ending. I don’t want to give it away, but I think you will like it.
There are many answers given. However, we learned that some answers might not be enough. That was the case with Open House (another Netflix movie), and I think that is also the case here.

But when someone hunts people in the woods, it is not always a clear-cut and rational explanation. Or rather, there is an explanation, but it might not make sense to us as viewers. It does not make much sense to those being hunted and trying to survive either.

Then again, when does it make sense to a victim that someone wants to kill them? From the beginning, when the shooting starts, our five friends are certain that it must be a mistake and shout out to the shooter. Some people think that they are hunting. They also think that they are not good shots. But this is not the case because they learn. They learn quickly, but it is not fast enough.

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Prey is like Red Dot. The people are in the woods, and strangers are hunting them.

Roman and his friends were kayaking down the river. They heard a gunshot and thought that it was just hunters. However, when they are shot in the arm, it becomes clear that they are the prey, and they must now fight for their lives. They’re 20 kilometers from any road, and they do not have a signal on their phone. The car has a flat tire. Is it their fault that this is happening?
To talk about who’s hunting them and why we need to go into some major spoilers for Prey’s ending. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then look away now.

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