New Canadian Zero Waste Haircare Brand

If you are a beauty products’ lover, here is breaking news for you! Today, we are going to introduce a brand, “Everist” which is a local hair care line, and it is particularly going to attract the ones who have been looking for an eco-friendly solution for in-shower pastes. The founders of this brand are actually Toronto based, Jayme Jenkins and Jesicca Stevenson who had both hailed from Big Beauty. The three big terms that pushed the brand are: clean, zero waste and waterless. Everist is basically a line that consisted of the patent-pending shampoo and conditioner pastes that became officially available for preorder earlier this week. 

Founders discovery for the line of business

Jenkins says, “One thing we saw from the inside is this consumer demand for cleaner alternatives and more sustainable options from these big brands. We both tried to influence from the inside, but we just found it super difficult to steer the direction.” Jayme further added, “We decided if we wanted to see something come to life, we had to do it ourselves.” The biggest arena at present for the duo founders is to discover an eco-friendly overhaul in the line of haircare. 

The founders had discovered that most of the traditional shampoos and hair conditioning formulas that they used to use were packaged in single use plastics and we’re filled with above 70% water. As a result, they could easily breed the bacteria as well as destabilize the active ingredients present in them. Besides, they used to contain several synthetic preservatives too! 

Evolution of the waterless in-shower pastes formula

Jenkins and Stevenson ultimately landed on their proposition for the waterless in-shower pastes that were free from sulfates, dyes, silicones, parabens and other synthetic fragrances. They used to be packed with natural ingredients such as the presence of gentle coconut derived cleansing agents, moisturized vegetable glycerin and a mix of essential oils that promote the benefits of the scalp. 

Okoko Cosmétiques: It’s First Retail Concept in Vancouver

The Black owned Canadian indie brand Okoko Cosmétiques had opened its very first retail shop on 6th of January, 2021. The new storefront is known as L’Atelier Okoko is located inside the heart of Gastown neighborhood. The flagship store produces a personalized and holistic consultation from the Okoko’s team of beauty formulators. We are certainly loving it!

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