‘No Game No Life’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

‘No Game No Life’ Season 2 offers the kind of anime which is surely for the taste for everyone who is looking for something fresh and exciting. 

No Game No Life‘ Season 1 

The first season got into starting mode on April 9th, 2014 which got over on June 25, 2014. 

The whole sequence is based on a Japanese light novel series by Yu Kamiya. 

It was in the year 2012 on April, 25 that light novel series began and has been continuing till date. Thanks to the popularity, there has been adaption of the same into managa an year later.

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The anime series is considered as an ideal and promising one considering the fact that it has all the ingredients which makes it quite loved and appreciated across the globe. Additionally, it is highly expected that we will be viewing another season soon. Let’s know more about the series through the following post:-

Has ‘No Game No Life’ is set to renew for another season?

As of now, there has been no news whether the series is set to start with a second one. There has been no official confirmation from The Studio Madhouse or any other company affiliated to it. Still, having said the same, they know very well about the fact that they have to start the second series and have certainly not forgotten about it in any manner. 

Additionally, there is nothing like Madhouse which isn’t going to work on the project after season 1. One of the reasons which give hope to the same has been that they produced a prequel movie to the series namely ‘No Game No Life: Zero’ which got in a debut mode in 2017 almost three years later of the initial season. 

A renowned production house namely Madhouse has loads of enriching  content and they no way have shortage of content. More so, as there is more than six volumes available for season’s 2 production. That means, there are whopping 24 episodes which can be aired. Hence, not just 2, but they equally have enough content for season 3 as well. 

Another one of the solid reasons which give an indication that season 3 will be produced relates to the fact that Madhouse has already done the productiton for Overload. Even though the vieweship didn’t count much as the sale of the first season couldn’t strike much as expected as performance of second season was much worse. 

What is the plot of ‘No Game No Life’?

The game centers around two step-siblings who have been transported to an all together different scenario as they challenged a new rival namely Tet who hails to be a God from another reality. 

The pair has been known for an awesome and marvelous couragous stint and have never been defeated before. However, things are not going to happen in the presence of a new reality. Since, the disputes and quarrels get into resolving mode with dint of a tournament. Yes, it is the idea of the gaming fiasco which creates an interesting twist and considering the spirit of the game which is basically to avoid violence and injustice, the same can be reflected on the same as well. 

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