Old bikes are rejuvenating all over again in Covid

It was the Covid 19 pandemic going on wherein there has been a huge surge in the interest of the people about the outdoors, and they have been promoting a pair of cycling enthusiasts to breathe life all over again into the discarded and old bicycles. Robin Hughes and Beth Ward have decided to turn the unwanted bikes into that of electricity powered cycles in the Denbighshire. They gave it a hope that it will help them encourage the new riders to get fitter over a fraction of the cost and that too, for a new e-bike altogether. The pair have now hailed as the low carbon heroes by the Welsh Government. 

Furthermore, the two have set out altogether to convert a lot of bikes as they can under the shed of their social enterprise businesses. He called Drosi Bikes In Ruthin on this note. A play on the Welsh word, trosi had led to convert the pair stating that it will even carry out the e-bike conversions at the cost price itself. All that the people will have to do is to supply the bike. 

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Drosi launched during the Covid 19 pandemic

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They had an inspiration of a four month cycling holiday to be conducted in Turkey. Ms Ward stated that they became much aware about how the bikes are used while cycling through Europe. Consequently, they got to know so much more about the usage of bikes in the daily life of people wherein they use the same to do so many things such as taking the kids to the school or may be, to go to shopping. She even said that they have realised it lately that the UK really lags behind in this aspect and that they still see cycling as a hobby instead of counting it as a mode of transport. 

As the holiday progressed, we became more convinced that we could incorporate some or the other changes to make an alteration. Drosi was launched post a year of planning as the Covid 19 pandemic has hit its first peak. Wales went in the first phase of full lockdown. Mr Hughes said that we would say that the people were cycling more, and thus, they had the time to ensure that the roads were quieter and the fact that the people were beginning to dust off the old bikes which they have not used for quite some years now! 

Most astounding thing about the e-bikes

Mr Hughes even said that people are starting to learn that the great thing about the e-bikes is that you will be able to cycle further for longer. You may either choose to use the pedal or the motor as well. In this way, you shall become more active yourself and thus, use the car a little lesser. They have now given up their full time jobs in order to raise their focus on e-bikes.

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