OnePlus 8: A tech-revolution from OnePlus?

Oneplus 8 release date

The launch of OnePlus 7 Pro is due in a couple of hours (at the time of writing), and the internet is full of leaked specification and features of this flagship grade smartphone, dominating the bazaar with high chords. With all the details already online, technophiles cannot wait for the mobile to go live. Clearly, leaks and rumours has worked as an advantage for the upcoming phone and have only added to its already massive popularity. All these events have planted an early seed of rapidly growing curiosity among the fandom of One Plus for next phone in the line, OnePlus 8.

OnePlus 7 Pro is the flagship bearer among its competitors, how can, as we expect, OnePlus 8 to be better and with what all specifications? Let’s dig in.

Price range expectations:

When OnePlus One was launched first in 2014, it took the smartphone market with storm by making high-end-mobile technology available at a much lesser price than the at-time-leaders. OnePlus was maintaining this slogan before, but only before OnePlus 7 Pro, by bringing it in the like of high-priced phones. The price range of:

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1. OnePlus 7 Pro will range between Rs. 49,999 to Rs.57,999 (6GB RAM with 128GB of internal storage- Rs 49,999; 8GB RAM with 256GB storage – Rs.52,999 and 12GB RAM with 256GB storage- Rs.57,999.

2. Upcoming phones from OnePlus plans to capture the selling space with exceptional-first-in-market features and functionalities. OnePlus 7 Pro is the epitome and looking into analytics, there will be new epitomes made with OnePlus 8 launch, with all these benefits we expect the price of every model of OnePlus 8 to be higher than all the versions of OnePlus 7 Pro. To put it in numbers, every model of OnePlus 8 should be $300-$200 than OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus 8 specifications

Display & Camera:

Display – If you are someone who likes to have visual experience at its best then One Plus 8 might be your forever friend. So far OnePlus 7 Pro is the first smartphone with an HDR 10+ screen. HDR10+ was developed by Samsung and Amazon, though is an open format available for adoption without licensing fee. This keeps the scope open for One Plus 8 to experiment with better display bringing peak brightness of 4000 nits or more. We can also expect this one-of-its-kind tech revolution to have Dolby vison with a peak brightness of 10000 nits and ahead. HDR10+ employs dynamic tone mapping, which allows scenes to be optimized individually.

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Camera – Like OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 8 will have triple camera setup with a primary 48-MP sensor which includes a telephoto lens and ultra-wide-angle lens. It might also have the pop-up camera to go with the whole full-screen design with better clarity than OnePlus 7 Pro. So, all enthusiastic photographers, you may not have to carry that giant camera with you anymore to shoot out your passion, this possible-upcoming photography legend will live inside your pocket to keep you ready all-the-time.


OnePlus 7 Pro is rumoured to be the first smartphone to come with UFS 3.0 storage system that offers data speeds of nearly 3 GB/s which is twice as fast as the one offered by USB 2.1. OnePlus 8 will most probably extend this section to provide more storage for many pictures, users will be taking from the in-its-time best camera.

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Release Date:

We can expect the launch anytime between October to late November in 2019.

If new technology excites you and you live on tech-junkies then keep a look at the latest updates about OnePlus 8 from us and we promise to deliver from first to every word from netizens and makers.

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