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I am not completely convinced that the director Paul FeigUniversal Monster movie Dark army It will be a great movie. I hope so, but seeing what he did with his Ghostbusters The film does not generate much confidence that it can handle the genre of monsters. Who knows, it might surprise me!

At the time of the announcement, it was revealed that Dark army "It would fit into the Monster universe" and that "will include characters from the classic Universal monster library and original characters created by Feig." In the past, the filmmaker wanted to make it clear that this will be more a monster movie than a horror movie.

During a recent interview with Collider, Feig talked a little more about his Dark army movie, and expressing his enthusiasm for her, he said:

"I wrote a draft and got ideas from the study, and now I'm in the middle of a rewrite about that right now, and I hope that's my next movie." If not, he will do what he does next. But yes, I am also very excited. It's just that you want to do it right. "

Then he talked about how he wants his movie to be like those classic monster movies that many of us love. He also mentions that his movie will be a true monster movie:

“I really want this to bring the same feeling as those old monster movies that I loved when I grew up (they did). I'm not as interested in making a horror movie as in making a true monster movie. Then, hopefully that will see the light of day. You never know in Hollywood these days, but I love it. I am very excited about that. I'm excited about the characters I've created and some of the ones I've been able to bring from the old movies. "

If you can really capture that magic from those original monster movies … amazing! I really wanted to see these new monster movies do that, but so far, that doesn't seem like the direction the studio wants to go. He previously talked about the monster movie style he wants to do, saying:

"I am a big fan of those old horror movies. Frankly, I call them more monster movies than horror movies. Horror movies for me now represent slasher and that kind of thing, which I don't enjoy at all. I loved those old movies like "Frankenstein". "Frankenstein's girlfriend" is probably one of the best movies of all time. I love that movie so much, and there are some things about that movie that I'm using in this new movie & # 39; Dark Army & # 39 ;. But I really want to make a modern version of James Whale-ish of a monster movie that is about these characters. What I love about monsters is that they are strangers, it is the most extreme version of strangers. Frankenstein is one of the most comprehensive characters ever on screen, even though he does terrible things. He is just looking for acceptance and love. If you read Mary Shelley's book, he is a pure spirit that becomes evil because he constantly shits. Everyone can not pass the way he looks, and makes him a murderer. (Laughs) That's the extreme version of that kind of thing, but I love that feeling. I want to bring that creepy ookie feeling to the movies, but with these monsters you get excited and understand at the same time. I finished the first draft of the script and I am very excited! I am literally on fire for making this movie as soon as I can. I made her the people of the Dark Universe last week and they loved it. Now it's happening to the bosses of Universal, so we'll see. "

That's great, and I hope it's the kind of movie he makes! I also hope that the story is not set today. These monster movies should be period pieces. Monster designs are also important to capture the spirit of original monster movies. Speaking about the other monster movies currently in development at Universal, the director said:

"It's really smart, because I mean, I can't wait for Invisible Man, but it looks like a great horror movie, you know? But then, the fact that I just read that they're going to do this as a musical monster, and that too it's great. I mean, the world of monsters is great. It's nice to see him interpret it in a million different ways. So I'm excited about mine and whatever else they do. "

It will be interesting to see what Feig really imagined for Dark army. It is a great concept! I just hope he can do it and create the kind of monster movie he says he wants to create.


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