PDFBear: 3 Perfect Features For PDF Beginners


For starters, PDFs or portable document format files are somewhat tricky to handle because of its less modifiable nature. Although it is one of the world’s most renowned file format for its flexibility and convenience, there are still many people out there who do not know how to utilize their PDFs fully. 

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files are commonly used, especially in making raw documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. All programs have their designated sole function depending on the person’s needs. While PDFs are essential in today’s generation for faster and more efficient document sharing and printing, PDFBear comes in handy for these purposes: 

PDFBear’s File Reader

As mentioned earlier, PDFs are naturally less editable because of its natural design for easier file transmission. There are often moments wherein we have to make some adjustments with our files, but PDFs’ cannot be easily edited without the appropriate tool. What if you needed to add a signature or initials to your PDF? This is where PDFBear comes in. 

PDFBear is a free online tool for you to maximize the usage of your PDFs. One of its functions is the PDF file reader for you to make minor edits to your PDFs. For instance, you need to add signature and initials to your PDF, here is the step by step procedure to complete the add-ons to your document: 

  • Browse your file, and drag it to PDFBear File Reader. 
  • The PDF Reader will present your document in a viewable format.
  • You can now start making your necessary edits to your PDF. 
  • Download the edited version of your file. 

PDFBear’s file reader allows you to preview, share, and print your files online without compromising its quality. PDFBear is an efficient tool and safe at the same time because of its sophisticated security system. So what are the other services that PDFBear can offer? PDFBear is also known for its free converter tool!

PDFBear’s Converter Tool

PDFBear’s free online converter tool that comes in handy for all types of users. Whether you are office-based personnel, a student, businessman, or professional living life at a fast pace, PDFBear can be your best friend when it comes to PDF handling. PDFBear can convert your PDFs to various file formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, etc.

Another advantage is that you can also convert these different file types back to the portable document format. PDFBear is not only efficient, convenient, and safe, but also flexible! Similar to file reading, it can convert without compromising your file’s original quality. You can visit PDFBear’s website to see more of the available file conversions they can offer.  

PDFBear File Organizer

Are you living the corporate dream life with dozens of online documents sent and received daily? Are you weary of the nuisance these oversized files do by occupying your storage disks? Do you have a hard time organizing your PDFs? PDFBear is your one-stop online tool. File reader, PDF converter, and now, your PDF file organizer. 

Your troubles with large PDF files can be addressed by PDFBear’s Split tool. When you have unwanted or unnecessary pages in your PDFs, you can use the delete page function. If you want to separate your pages individually, you can use the split function and save them to separate file locations. 


Learning and understanding your electronic documents can take you to distance. The digital era encourages all people to become more knowledgeable and skillful in using computer programs, or else, you will get left behind. PDFBear does not require you to be extra proficient in PDF handling; just learn the basics, and PDFBear will do the rest.

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