PDFBear Guide: The Best PDFBear Functions You Can Use

As our technology continues to evolve and everything advances for the better of our lives. The document also changed from paper-based documents into an electronic document which most of us use nowadays. Between the two types of document comes its different benefits and drawbacks.

Hence, utilizing both documents is essential to move forward. To utilize an electronic document, you will need a third-party tool to help you configure electronic documents. PDFBear is an online PDF converter tool that can help you through your document necessities. PDFBear helps everyone with document needs with the following functions.

Compress PDF Files

Your storage space is an essential feature of your device. Keeping it available for future needs is necessary because you don’t know when you will need storage space. The unpredictable nature of needing storage space to download crucial documents is a troublesome experience anyone can encounter. Hence, utilizing storage space is a must.

Another way to save up some storage space for your device is by compressing your PDF files. A compress PDF file tool lets you shrink the file size of your documents. This allows you to get rid of the unwanted things, tags, and not so essential images from your PDF files to reduce the file size of your document.

You can shrink down the file size by using third-party software. One of the best third-party software you can use is an online PDF converter tool like GoGoPDF. It is proud to offer a simple service of compressing PDF files. You can start compressing your PDF files anytime and anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

The primary reason most individuals compress their PDF files is to make it easier for them to send their PDF files via email or other online channels. A smaller file size of a PDF file is quicker to transfer online. A reliable connection to the internet is a significant factor also in transferring your PDF files.

However, it would be best if you always kept in mind that when you are compressing your PDF files, you will sacrifice the document’s quality. Most of the images within the document will be of low-quality. It is not recommended for you to compress your PDF files if your document contains a photograph.

Merge PDF Files

An easier and quicker way to organize your documents is to merge your PDF files. When merging your PDF files, you are combining multiple documents into one. It is recommended to merge similar topics for the reader to have a convenient experience without having to scan various documents.

Merging PDF files is also recommended if you want to print your PDF files. Having multiple PDF files to print out might take you some time and can be troublesome. Hence, merging PDF files can help you print out your documents quickly. Here we explain how to merge your PDF files using PDFBear.

  • Upload the documents you want to merge into a single document. You can drag and drop your PDF files into the box to upload a document.
  • The merging process will start merging your PDF files.
  • You can configure the changes you want, and when you’re done, select merge PDF.
  • The last step is to download the merged PDF file into your storage. You can choose between your device storage or online storage.

Splitting PDF Files

If you can merge your PDF files into a new single PDF file, you can also split a single PDF file into several PDF files. Most individuals who use this function want to extract a specific page from a PDF file; doing this allows you to have a smaller file size compared to downloading the entire PDF file.

When splitting a PDF File, you will need a third-party tool like PDFBear. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to split a PDF file with PDFBear.

  • Upload the PDF file that you want to split
  • Click on the specific page that you want to extract from the original PDF file. 
  • After selecting the specific pages of your desire, click on the refine button and let PDFBear do its job.
  • After those three-step, you can now download your new PDF file into your desired storage.

Repair PDF files

PDFBear is proud of its most popular function, including Repair PDF. This function helps you repair the damaged and corrupted PDF files. One of the most common reasons we encounter corrupted and damaged PDF files is storing our PDF files into storage that has a virus or malware in it. Hence, we need to keep cautious with our online activities.

With the help of an online PDF converter tool like PDFBear, you can easily recover your corrupted PDF file. When using the function Repair PDF, it allows you to recover the damaged or corrupted PDF file. Here is how you can recover your PDF file while using PDFBear.

  • Select the damaged and corrupted PDF file and upload it to their system.
  • Wait for PDFBear to recognize your uploaded PDF file.
  • Keep in mind that there are PDF files that are impossible to be recovered. The system of PDFBear will assure you it won’t make anything worse.
  • Once your PDF file is completely repaired, you can now download your recovered PDF file into your desired storage. 


When we talk about our technology, we can only see the fast progress that we are experiencing. Most of the technology nowadays is rapidly advancing for the better living of everyone. Even documents are keeping up, the paper-based document is still a good document to use, but electronic documents come with multiple advantages.

To utilize the advantages of electronic documents, we need an online PDF converter tool like PDFBear as it offers multiple functions for our document necessities. Utilizing every time we have a chance on something is an important thing to do. Overall, PDFBear gives a reliable and multi-function service that everyone should use to have an edge in this online world.

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