Piers Morgan grills Michael Gove: Once again giving false hope

Mr Give confronted with several clips of the Prime Minister stating that the schools have been safe. Piers Morgan had been ferocious and thus, Morgan gtilled Michael Gove on the PM Boris Johnson “Once again giving false hope” which further followed yet another government u-turn. The PM had ordered that the schools will remain shut last night after a day back after the Christmas. The government told the people to stay back at home, all over again in a return to the stark messaging from the month of March. It further confirmed that there shall be a third lockdown held all across the nation. Mr Johnson said that all the schools shall remain closed until the mid February. Mr Give confronted with several clips while he appeared on Good Morning Britain today. 

The last thing that we ever wanted was to close the schools

It was yesterday when millions of kids returned back to school all over again, even if it was for just a single day prior to the moment when the government had imposed a national lockdown and thus, closed all the schools. Piers demanded by pointing out that millions of children have been mingling at the height of this pandemic by raising a question wherein he asked if anyone can explain him how that decision has been taken. Mr Give further explained that England did move to the highest level of alert yesterday only, by adding that the last thing that we ever wanted was to ensure that the schools were closed. Piers even made a question stating that what is the point to send people out for just one day. 

Piers fuming at the new lockdown rules

Piers fumed all over again staying that the prime minister has been giving false hopes all over again. It seems that even a complete dimbo could estimate that this was the worst possible thing to be done. Mr Gove further responded to this saying that Piers has been right and the fact that they reluctantly came to the conclusion after the advice from medical officers were imposed on them the other day. Mr Gove admitted that the new lockdown rules shall last until the month of March. 

Mr Gove further mentioned that the country has been in a really difficult situation a few weeks prior and the fact that they could not give any firm date to lift the lockdown and assure the things to get back to normal all over again. He even stated the media that the government is doing all 5he things that it can do so as to ensure that we are capable to roll out the vaccine even more rapidly. He even stated that it would become even more vulnerable by getting the inoculations that they would need and that the life can eventually get back to normal, and hence, the review is still under progress.

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