Ranj Singh sharing powerful message about US Capitol riots

Dr Ranj Singh has taken it to the social media wherein he had expressed his horror at the unfolding events. The Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Congress building and had criticised the poor response received from the police. Dr Ranj had pointed out the incident about the shameful rioting in the United States that had further highlighted the skin color that can bring a difference between life and that of death. Indeed, there is a huge difference and a definite line between the 2 races. 

The 41 year old medic and TV presenter has taken it to the social media post witnessing the shocking events that had unfolded hundreds of Trump supporters that stormed the US Congress. Most of the people have already pointed out a stark contrast between the dramatic scenes held yesterday, spurred on by the President, Donald Trump. Also, there has been a scene raised about the amount of riot police used against the Black Lives Matter matches. Ranj drew a link between the ability of the rioters to create a havoc in the Congress and that of the White privilege. 

Ranj Singh took it to Twitter

Ranj did write it on Twitter, “If the events in America tonight have taught us anything, it’s that the colour of your skin could be the difference between being shot where you stand, or being allowed to do whatever you want!” On addition to that, he added, “THAT is the meaning of PRIVILEGE. I hope people get that now.” The columnist had even pointed out how little police power had been brought in to tackle the rioters in an earlier tweet. Even some of them identified it as being a part of white supremacists groups such as the Proud Boys. He had even added, “Absolute scenes in America right now… interesting that more Police and military have not been mobilised. I wonder if the reaction would be different if these people weren’t ‘pro-Trump’…”

4 people died and at least 52 rioters were arrested after several hundred angry Pro-Trump supporters, who had been wielding Trump 2020 and stormed the building with confederate flags on 6th of January. The departing president shared a video message at that time while invited by Trump in which he said “we love you” while they were ordered them to go to Home. Dr Ranj is currently not the only prominent figure who had decried the response of the police to the horrific scenes. 

In one of the statements made by the Comedian, Kevin Hart, he had said that 2 completely different America’s that the citizens have been living in. Had these people were black, they would have all been shot dead. It is past the word sad, at this point wherein it is a pure disrespect to all the people of color. Even Cardi B added that it is pretty funny!

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