Rapper Lil Wayne’s Mysterious For Earns in Millions

Lil Wayne was born on September 27, 1982, at Dwayne Michael Carter in Louisiana. Early days he worked with a hip-hop group with hot boys. In 2009 he won four Grammy Awards like “A Mill” and “Lollipop”. In his childhood days, he created music. At the age of 8, he started rapping. His brothers are Bryan and Slim Williams. They are the founders of Cash Money Records.

Aspiring Rapper

Lil Wayne’s first recording was performed with another skilled rapper in 1993. Apart from the studios, he was living in a dangerous situation. Lil tastes his first success with his hip-hop hot boys. His “Get It How U Live!!” was one of the most famous albums and it takes more than 400,000 copies by the people. It was released in 1997. Their next album is “Guerilla Warfare” which was released in 1999. This album was more popular compared to the first album. One million copies were taken for this album.

The Block Is Hot album was released in 1999, it was the first solo success. On the internet, there were several unreleased tracks leaked. His anxiously anticipated next studio album was released in 2008. This work shows Lil’s Hard Work. His first project gets the Grammy Award. And his Lil Wayne gets the three more Grammys in February 2009. His “A Mill” gets the best solo performance award. 

Controversy and Personal

In 2006, he was arrested for drug possession in Georgia. Then again he was investigated for drug-related charges in 2008, January. And frequently he was arrested for the same issues in New York City in 2007. In 2010, Wayne spent his eight months in bars located at the notorious Rikers Island complex. A journal of Rikers Island expressed his memoir experience. After releasing derogatory lyrics in 2013, he makes the deal with PepsiCo to promote its Mountain Dew soda brand at that time he dropped with the company.  Wayne’s helps many underprivileged kids and recording artists. He helps urban youth through his charitable organization. Wayne marries his high school girlfriend and he has three children. 

Beliefs and Interests

Wayne put the first tattoo of his daddy name at the age of 14 and the second tattoo put it on his stomach for the name of “cash “. It increases his interest in tattoos. And he put a ‘Jay-Z verse’ tattoo on his leg. And many tattoos are on his different body parts. The University of Phoenix switched to online courses. In March 2007, the  magazine released the article for Carter stating that he earned high grades in Houston.

One-man Dynasty

His first post-prison album sold 900,000-plus copies in the first week. Within five years he released his solo album. He was the toughest competitor at that time. He holds high regard only. In 2016 he hit the summer hit. Carter III sold 1,005,545 copies in the first week but after a few days, it would be leaked in online media. Wayne’s fans are very eager to see his album.

They are not ready to wait for the new album so they cherished his free mix tape music. Lil and Jay Z did 2000s successful hip-hop. Wayne bravely says his creativity and his work never be taken by anyone or anything. In jail, Wayne expressed his music thrust by using the pen and paper.

He writes many lyrics about his jail period. He faces many struggles in that 2004-2006 jail period. We learn many things from Wayne because of, that the dangerous jail period he never gives up his music thought he continues his music work even in his jail period

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