‘RHOA’ Recap: Porsha’s Sister Lauren Fuels Kenya Feud after Disinviting Her From A Party

This news has left people shocked since they have heard that the Kenya feud was hatched on a plan to invite Porsha for a surprise event in Cynthia. But Porsha’s sister Lauren did not extend Kenya the same kind of humbleness when it is about throwing a party of her own. This made Kenya Moore even angrier and it was the 3rd Jan. 3 episode of ‘the Real housewives of Atlanta and this happened when Porsha Williams sister Lauren disinvited Kenya from her surprise party for Porsha. However, Kenya is not best friends with Porsha but it still pisses her off. 

The very funny report which came out was that Lauren was not even a good friend of Kenya and she, on the other hand, wished not to invite Kenya in the first place. Cynthia Bailey was the one who went asking Lauren if she is able to bring Kenya as her ‘Plus one’. So this is how she invited and then took back that invitation. When Kenya found out she was already done with her hair and makeup, this really made her feel angry. Cynthia was the one who had given this news to Kenya that invitation had been taken back from her. Kenya then thought that production already knew about this incident but they were also stranger to all the situations. Cynthia had also requested Kenya not to shoot the messenger. However, Kenya did not shoot but she asked for the refund of her hair and makeup.  But at the surprise party, Cynthia had delivered a birthday gift for Pilar and it was bought by Kenya. This party was thrown in the honour of her celebration. 

The way Kenya received invitation for the party and that invitation was taken back it was totally wrong. It was not right the way she got to know and then she got to know at the time, when she had already done her hair and makeup. She was all set and ready to reach the party. It really hurt not just her but her respect too. But despite these things she sent a gift which she had already bought for her. I am sure this would have fuelled Porsha anyways; Kenya did not go to the party. But she definitely did not go for the party, and she was also asked for the party. But Kenya really had got angry and she informed the media about this. Kenya said, even though they are not best friends but no one has the right to do this act of inviting to the party and then disinviting for the same one.  From next time Kenya said I would be careful and not so attentive to the parties. 

Cynthia has also come to realize that she really has hurt Mike Hill for not giving full commitment to their wedding date. But then she got agreed on getting their marriage and it does not matter how big their wedding might be. 

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