Roland Emmerich offers update on the Independence Day franchise


Almost a year after the acquisition of Fox by Disney and we are still reaching an agreement with what it means for a myriad of the most popular cinema properties. That is demonstrated by Roland Emmerich's latest update on the future of the former Fox franchise. Independence Day.

In a new interview with, the director gave a surprisingly philosophical reflection on his status, now that Disney owns it and Fox no longer exists, saying:

"By Independence Day, it is now owned by Disney, so I have not had time to explore that because I was so sad that a studio in which I made two films suddenly disappears. It is very sad. That is the cinema. The film industry is constantly changing. "

Emmerich seems almost afflicted with the purchase, enough that he has not followed what follows for his most beloved creation. Well, more specifically his most beloved movie in the singular. The original Independence Day It was an excellent film of great success: for my money, the best 7/10 film ever made. It's such a good 7/10 movie, in fact, it probably deserves an 8. Check out if you haven't done it (once again, who hasn't seen Independence Day?)


But the late sequel of 2016, Independence Day: Resurgence paled in comparison; His disappointing box office return reflected his stinky critical reception. It was crap, so to speak. In fact, any sequel would never realistically capture the magic of the original, which was a unique combination of sassy scripts and to this day an incomparable star power. It was a moment, but the moment passed.

Take Roland's statement philosophically, then. If you wanted a third exit in the short term, you will be disappointed to know that the director of numbers 1 and 2 has not been able to call their new owners. But I would say that, since the first film is unlikely to be matched, why would they want more cultivated mediocre sequels until the memory of the classic sinks? Terminator Y Alien they have taught the spectators a lot, but the producers little. Don't make the same mistake with Independence Day Chaps


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