Rupee regaining at 15 paise and coming out stronger at 72 US Dollar

On Monday, the rupee had hit a new low of 72.67 a dollar in the intra-day trade before it closed at 72.45.

In the midst of the increased selling by exporters and banks, the Indian rupee opened on a positive note on this Tuesday. It is known to open at 15 paise higher at 72.30 against the US dollar. According to a statement made by the dealers, dollars have a weakness against some of the currencies that are used overseas which include even the Euro that supported the Indian rupee.

This Monday, the Indian rupee is known to reach a new low of 72.67 a dollar before it closed at 72.45 in the intra-day trade. It showed a steep fall of 72 paise. This led to the growing fear of the escalation of trade wars globally and also to the rising market rout.

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In the meantime, the Sensex is known to rose 0.25 percent or 95.32 points to 38,017.49 in the opening of the trade.

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