Ryan Reynolds shares new video of Coronavirus mocking celebrities


dead Pool‘S Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter to force others to stay home and work together in the midst of Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, but it wouldn't be Reynolds without some layered sarcasm too.

The popular Canadian actor joins a growing list of celebrities to post about the spread of the coronavirus and the ways in which citizens can combat it through self-isolation and cleanup, a fact he mocks during his speech. After stating that everyone needs to work in unison to flatten the curve, Reynolds continues to offer a joke on how celebrities play the biggest role in times of crisis, saying:

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I think, in times of crisis, I think we all know that we are the celebrities we have the most. They are the ones who will help us get through this. Right after the health workers, of course, the lifeguards, the people who work in essential services, the ping pong players, the mannequins, they are imaginary great childhood friends, 400 other types of people. Look, stay at home, practice social distancing, wash your hands, we are going to overcome this. Let's get through this together.

Reynolds nominated other famous Canadians to upload videos, such as comedian Seth Rogen, former Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page, and RCMP agent Terry Reynolds. Seth Rogen wasted little time complying with a video Posted in Reynolds' charge comments.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a prominent online figure who has posted from his home twice, once at his kitchen table where he asked people to practice social distancing and again from his hot tub while pleading that the holidays spring will not congregate this year. Meanwhile, William Shatner has been posting funny parodies of Star Trek The captain logs on to Twitter during his own isolation.

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Although it is wonderful that we have celebrities like Ryan Reynolds Sharing much-needed humor right now, COVID-19 remains a rapidly spreading global threat that has infected nearly 500,000 people and killed more than 22,000. Extreme social and travel bans have kept millions of people around the world as governments diligently fight to control the virus.

Stay indoors, wash your hands, and stay tuned here for more information on COVID-19 as it continues to develop in the coming months.


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