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Any car classic car will attest without a doubt that their classic car is a valuable possession to them. Thus when it comes to transporting their classic car, they only want the best of the best. Well, look no further. The best option for shipping a classic car is hiring a trusted classic car transport company. A classic car transport company knows that shipping a classic vehicle requires special attention and offers to give you just that. However, dozens of classic car transport companies exist, so you want to hire a quality company. Though it is a bit more expensive to ship a classic car, the safety of your classic car is not something to gamble. Here are a few things you should be looking for when hiring a classic car transport company.

A Company with a History of Transporting Classic Car

When it comes to shipping a classic car, you want to pick a company with shipping classic car experience, which means that they know what they are doing. Companies like this are likely to have qualified and highly experienced drivers that know how to drive manual cars and operate them efficiently. They are likely to have state of the art equipment tailored explicitly for classic cars.

Thus you can quickly put your mind at rest, trust their knowledge since they have prior experience, and hence know what they are doing.

Proper Equipment for Classic Car Transportation

You need to check and confirm that the carrier shipping your car has the right equipment to keep it safe from any damage. It should have wheel safety nets and nylon straps. Note that using chains or the wrong kinds of straps can cause damage to your classic car. Furthermore, improperly secured straps will cause damage to your vehicle since they put unnecessary strain on the body or chassis of the car.

Proof of Insurance

You do not want to ship your classic car without any insurance. Thus the company you are considering should make available paper copies of their insurance policy when you ask for it. You can then call up their insurer and confirm that their policy is active and current.

It’s also essential that you understand that you understand the damages their insurance will cover and what they will not.

A Reasonable Quote for Enclosed Carrier Option

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An enclosed carrier is the premium option for transporting your classic car as it offers optimal protection. Therefore, you need to ensure that the shipping company you consider hiring offers this option at a reasonable price.

Offers Door to Door Service

While this option tends to be slightly more expensive than the terminal-to-terminal alternative, it saves you the worry of having you classic having to stay in a terminal until it is ready to shipped or to be picked up. Moreover, you get the bonus of having your car delivered to your door.

Expedited Shipping Service

While you have to pay an additional price for this option, it is essential for classic car owners who want to get their car delivered to a car auction or show on an exact date.

Single Carrier Shipping Service

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This service will have you forking out a substantial amount of money, but it is the most suitable option if you have a special car. A single carrier carries only one car with some extra tires and parts. This option offers you quick delivery since the carrier only has one vehicle to pick up and deliver.

I hope this helps you know what to look for when hiring a classic car transport company.

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