Shop Sustainable Clothing This Year


You might think that shopping sustainably would cost you more money. That making those kinds of choices would really alter your lifestyle, or be something you would have to really put time and effort into doing.

Well, we are here to tell you that is completely false. You can actually save yourself money by being more aware about the goods you purchase and how you get them. Let’s look at some ways you can shop sustainable clothing this year without having to take a class about how to do it.

Say No to Certain Fabrics

This one might require the most of your time. Read the tag. Pay attention to what kind of fabrics you are buying. Fabrics like polyester and acrylic are some of the worst you can buy. Viscose rayon is another really bad one. First of all, polyester doesn’t even feel nice on your skin, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor anyway.

You should look for silk, wool, and linens.

Research Your Favorite Brands

Let’s say you have a brand that you have been wearing for years and you don’t want to give up. Do some research on them. If you find that your favs are doing what they can to be responsible, then great! If not, do not be afraid to use the power of social media.

Tweet, message, or do whatever you think will get their attention, and ask them if there is any way they could make their clothing more responsibly. You never know these days with the power of social media. Your tweet could help them get on the track to sustainability. If not, there are so many brands that care, you can find a new favorite.

Rent the Rack

You’ve seen the commercials. If you have an event and you know you will only wear that outfit once, find a place to rent it for the night. There are a few online shops that can help you rent clothes for just one evening, or trade outfits in until you find something that you love and will stick with.

Thrift Stores Are Our Friends

Who doesn’t like the rush and excitement of going to a thrift store? The possibilities are endless, and you have no idea what you might stumble across. Plus, the prices are so much more affordable.

That whole one man’s trash is another man’s treasure definitely applies to fashion. It’s great how we all have such different styles and looks.

This also causes less waste. All of those unloved outfits will eventually end up in our landfills. If we can avoid fast fashion and go for secondhand pieces that are begging for a second act, we can make double the impact.

Online Option

This is the most exciting news we’ve heard all day. Online shopping is better for the environment. Almost a quarter of the effect clothing has on the environment is us physically going to a store to buy our things. If you are able to walk to your cute boutique, then please do that. But if you have to drive to your closest mall, don’t.

Put on your leggings and fuzzy socks and get ready to shop online. When you are at home, you have less pressure to make quick, regretful decisions. We all still have shirts in our closet with the tags still on. You can make create better shopping habits when you order online.

There are obviously more things you can do, but these are the ones that require truly little change in your routine, or in the case of online shopping, little moving at all.


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