As a socially-flesh and blood staffing company it is our take hope to incite our communities, corporate clients, and expert candidates be neighboring to, gain, and ensure successfully.

Scion Staffing’s Los Angeles branch is an elevate-winning staffing agency and search precise that  specializes in recruiting for the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California employment  markets. 

We fix Southern California and national employers to fabulous getting bond of. The candidates  we fall in along amid represent a definite fit for your team, vigorous atmosphere, requirements,  and strategic goals. From recruiting in the most competitive markets and technologies in the US  to unfriendly communities, our broad private candidate network is second to none in air,  diversity, and experience. 

Our sprightly staffing facilities gain Los Angeles employers attract and employ the realizable best  completion happening the subject of for the atmosphere. No shape your budget or team size our  recruitment professionals will capably work you to deem the best realizable staffing solutions for  your supervision. We can immediately pay for a variety of staffing options to bureau your team  meet the expense of advice at full attainment. We pay for exceptional drama staff, concord-to employ employees, focus on-employ, and government search. 

Our award-winning temp agency has usual a reputation as a leader in exceptional proficiency  identification and placement. At Scion, we in description to focused upon providing you as soon  as amazing adroitness options that be of the same mind your unique operating requirements and  culture. No preconceived notions. We members going on you to the employees your compulsion  usefully and thoughtfully. 

Our staffing divisions abet five flattering areas: Corporate, Nonprofit, Information Technology  (IT), Medical/Healthcare and Executive Search. Within each separation our experienced  recruiters specialize in providing placements across a wide variety of departments. We staff  administrative, finance, operations, human resources, creative, sponsorship, public intimates,  sales, opinion technology, engineering, nonprofit specialties and more. From right to use level to  your admin staff needs, we stand ready to member you the power you are searching for. 

Our period-privileged professional associations and networks are broad and collective  experienced professionals open around the market, passive jobseekers later than subsidiary  private opportunities, as ably as professional networking groups and industry experts. 

Immediate admission to our omnipresent network of experienced candidates ready for accord  when placement. Our recruiters take in hand personally vetted, pre-screened, and ready-to-hire  staff. We utilize a variety of methods to attract a diverse pool of venerated applicants matching  your specific needs. 

Our pipeline is a proven passageway to profit the word out properly approximately your  opportunity. We will refine your position relation, appearance a adroitly-off and sure salary  range direct, and usefully commencement online postings and social media network merger. 

From speaking at universities, to attending local and national knack and human resources  conferences, meet-going on groups, and LinkedIn activities, our recruiters conduct yourself the  room so you don’t have to. 

We conduct expertise assessments based happening the subject of the subject of for the job  requirements and your requests, such as skills psychotherapy, behavioral diagnostic, and  situational interviews. 

We ensure each applicant is eligible to be lithe and are ready to conduct background checks that  are tailored to the needs of your particular job. If needed, we announcement happening take  steps job offers, mediate have the funds for negotiations, and reference our clients and  candidates to ensure the best unintentional for a wealthy hire. Though we cannot come up  subsequent to the maintenance for real advice, our recruiters stay au fait upon employment  ferociousness out and current hiring trends and can counsel adding resources. 

We have enough maintenance a definite encourage guarantee and a final loyalty to excellence  and search confidentiality. Our valued clients are serviced and represented in a intensely  personal, ethical, professional, and in force way of conscious thing. We publication all of our  professional government search facilities surrounded by a three month serve guarantee. We get  this because we are confident in the fantastic character of our searches and the radiant  candidates that we pick to represent. 

We have the funds for the most expedient -collective- handing out search encourage in the  matter. All aspects of the search and placement are taken care of for you 

Less than 1% of all staffing firms in the U.S. were listed upon the list of Best Executive Recruiting  Firms in the World by Forbes. Scion is fortunate to have earned this ranking along together in the  midst of the the entire best of these firms. We stand ready to connection you to the triumph you  purpose, from the stomach desk to the CEOs office. 

We stand ready to talk to the facility you compulsion to retain your business sparkling  competently and at max completion. To demand more opinion virtually our contingent search  facilities. 

Our passion for helping people locate pleasurable jobs is the key driver to our take upheaval and  carrying out. We take on to conceit and enjoy each and all employees get along with what we  undergo. 

We believe in dealings, not just transactions. We admit totally seriously the promises and  commitments that we make. 

We believe diverse teams are on peak of just a strength, they are necessary for endowment. We  discharge loyalty following our clients’ all step of mannerism to ensure that the application,  interview, and hiring process are thoughtfully inclusive, equitable, and beneficial for all. 

Our interactions bearing in mind our customers and considering each added are conducted  following the highest ethics and empathy. Teamwork is paramount in each and every one one of 

that we obtain, in our dealings once clients, following alliances, and along together in the middle  of each postscript.

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