Stay at home during Covid 19: Yet to be given legal force

The ‘stay at home’ order during the Covid 19 is yet to be given a legal force wherein the Stormont ministers are all set to make an order for the people to stay back at their homes in order to spread the coronavirus. This particular law is going to be legally enforceable really soon. The executive shall meet the norms of the other parts of the UK after the Covid 19 restrictions are tightened by the other areas as well. 

Schools closed to assure safety of the pupils

The Northern Ireland is currently in the second week of this six month’s lockdown in which the non-essential retail is going to be closed really soon. As the schools have been closed to most of the children, we are also able to witness an unexpected extension in the period of remote learning. Also, there will be a lot of pupils who will probably not get bck to school until and unless the half term break in mid February comes up!

Besides, it is also confirmed that the post transfer test will be cancelled as there has been a tremendous rise in the number of coronavirus cases all around. The first transferred test that is used by a lot of grammar schools for selecting their pupils is yet to take place on Saturday. According to our sources, an acceptance from the ministers was scheduled staying that they would need to go further in terms of Covid 19 restrictions. The relaxations at the Christmas have led to a spike in the cases that will seriously affect the health service. Currently, the executive is trying to reset the mindset of the public back to the initial harsh period of lockdown which was back then during the month of March. 

Restrictions imposed for safety against coronavirus

The relaxations at the time of Christmas Eve have once again let to a rise in the number of cases of coronavirus which is eventually affecting the entire health service industry. Now, they have got just a few levers that were left in order to pull the terms of extra restrictions that are being imposed. Imposing limits on travel and closing the schools lie among them. The health officials and the professionals from the education industry had to work all throughout the day and night to deliver detailed proposals to the ministers regarding the issues. 

Indeed, there is a palpable public frustration about the fact that the other UK nations have already made an announcement about their decisions while the Stormont has still been waiting. Michelle O’Neill, the first deputy minister said that the details of the agreement led over by the executive hack on Monday will be formalised at the meeting in which both the health and the education ministers will put forward their own proposals. Also, there will be a different paper that shall come from the justice minister about the stay-at-home regulations and legal enforcement of this law.

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