Stolen Fortnite accounts sold worth hundreds of dollars

Video games have been growing in terms of popularity over the past few years and the black market for these game logins has now become a really big business. Thousands of Fortnite accounts are being sold each and every day, so much so that it generates approximately 1 billion dollars in a year. 

However, the hackers have been taking advantage of these tools which hard further allowed them to see whether the login credentials from the past breaches are actually allowing them an access to the Fortnite accounts. Besides, these accounts sell an average of $200 to $250 each. They have even been selling for thousands of dollars. 

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The black market for Fortnite accounts is getting bigger day by day!

Hackers are now taking an advantage of the cracking tools to ensure their reach up to an average of approximately 500 accounts in a second. According to the reports, it is evident if the tools could be used to unlock the accounts with credentials to track the past breaches that are not related to Fortnite. 

Several Fortnite accounts are coming up with valuable skins that are eventually capable of altering the Avatar of a player. Hencez these accounts are being sold on an average of 200 dollars to that of 250 dollars each. It is even said that the stolen account sales is so high that its market is greater than the whole of the gaming industry. 

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