Taylor’s Swift Folklore became the best seller


So many musicians seem to have taken this Covid 19 pandemic situation as an opportunity to give a new turn to their creations all over again. While every other musician has made a music during the lockdown, we are still wondering about having a fair share of idea about the unprecedented sales for Taylor Swift’s Folklore wherein it came up with 16 songs being created in self-isolation which happens to be the highest for any other album in 2020. Taylor Swift is no way new to the idea of creating pop with such dexterity as he had already done that well in the last 7 albums of his! Whatsoever, Swift has created record breaking highs with 10 million copies sold out between 1989 to that of 2012. 

Folklore – An album for the adults

Indeed, Swift is talented but it is pretty evident that most of her crazy fans are under the age group of 25. This is probably because of her style of trajectory. Prior to being a pop sensation as we see Taylor Swift today, she had been a rockstar while she was just 16 years old. She has been creating folkish tunes that marinated in the urban flavors and this Pennsylvania born singer cum songwriter further moved to that of Nashville so as to find herself and thus, do spectacle style-live shows over there. 

Swift as storyteller

There is no doubt about the fact that Swift has been an astounding storyteller, and she goes on telling about her miseries, friends, breakups, high school boyfriends, celebrities, eating disorders and more. She responded with different songs but in Folklore,she changes her focus of storytelling. This song talks about different characters from her life, or titled as an Epiphany.

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