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The craze for the PC gamings was increasing day by day. The new technologies were working in the field of gaming to provide the best game to the users. But the fact is people want to play or download a game for free and most of the amazing games are paid not free. But we are here for you to give you a collection of free games for PC. In fact, some are very low prices to buy so users can buy them easily and make a collection of games on their PC.

Nowadays, everyone knows that gaming is a part of life without a game now. Those who have plenty of free time but no cash to spend on games to buy. The top 10 games list is given below with full details. Read below and download your favorite game and enjoy it or make a collection of the game on your PC.


WarFrame, it is available free for the PC. In the first chance, you might be thinking this game is to play but when you give some time to the game. Then it seems interesting and fun to play. If we compare the WarFrame from today’s version then it completely changed the new tactics introduced.

The WarFrame is an asset of armor and powerful cyborg ninja. The different Warframes have different power and strength in different roles and styles. The game consists of MMO experience the bunch of single-player to fight against in the wheelhouse.

The WarFrame name is only suggesting that the game is full of fighting. If you love to play a game like fighting then this is good for you otherwise no worth of it. The next level can make your interest more like the Warframe pilot ninja that jaw-dropping in the enemy’s house. Moreover, the game doesn’t guide you on what to do, where to go, you have to decide and play the game. But this game is good for the collection of games on PC.

Star Trek Online

Star Trek has launched many games but very few games are good to play in Star Trek games. From the past, the developers very much improved the game quality and put the MMO in the game that makes something good in-game. This game is also available for free and you can make this game as a collection of PC games.

The game is set after the movie Nemesis. The game consists of players who are the captains of their own ships and control the ships by their own. You can play the mission games in combat; the different ships and ground action missions are also available. This is the best game of Star Trek. The missing of the ground and sea fights grab the attention of the people. If you want to play like these games then this is best for free to install and play the game of shoot and fights.

Beneath a Steel Sky

The game is just a point and clicks on the enemy and this trend of adventure is gone. But the best part of it if you are interested in genre type of game then you can play Beneath a Steel Sky.

The game was launched in 1994 and the gem is a set of dystopian cyberpunk futures. The game is like a planet that all the way messed with the pollution and nuclear fallout. In Australia, the game is set with six cities and states which are divided into Union and Corporation.

In the game, the hero Rober Foster is the alone warrior in the helicopter crash in Outback. The people of the Outback find him and get the medicine and then he becomes an expert in engineering and creates the robot Joey which in fact is just a chip and takes several bodies in the game. The story of the game is pretty good while it was made in the dark, but the new 2019 update of the Beyond a Skeel Sky is the best game of the history of Skeel Sky and best for the PC games.

Path of Exile

Diablo is one of the best anime shows and the game is more amazing and interesting to play. But this time Blizzard tries to do differently in the third game of the Diablo series game. All-time favorite the title Diablo now comes with the new direction of the gameplay and flexibility in the creation of Diablo III. The Path of Exile is the classic game if you are the lover of the PoE game then definitely you like this. But the paid content and style of Diablo II =nearly steal the attention of the people toward the Path of Exile. The perfect game for the gamer and the best collection of the game for the PC

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete

Before we move further, the first thing known about the game was that it is full of adventure and naughty things. The gamers who like the corny one-liners, violence, sexiness, and bad words for them this game is best. And those who don’t like this type of game then see the other game that is given in the list.

Although the Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D are built on the same engine. But Duke Nukem 3d is more famous than Shadow Warrior. If we compare the game of 90s crass shooter franchise then Shadow Warrior is best.

The game is made on the two expansions, free for PC and running in the modern system as well. A walking ninja who dishes out punishment to monsters and gangsters. The armor and weapons are pretty good in the game and most people like the weapons that are used in the game. One more New version named Shadow Warrior Classic Redux. But this latest version is paid not free, the new features are paid one.

Moreover, the game is best to at least experience this game and play the game with the school friends with multiplayer action. Definitely you enjoy the service of the free game Shadow Warrior.


It is also a best card battling game where each player allows to make a deck of cards with stats like health and attack or special powers. The level is completed by destroying the opponent players’ health and making your health full. You have to attack your opponent with your card with special creatures on these cards.

The game is very simple, just a few quick moves will destroy the opponent and this game also becomes very popular in eSports. This is inspired by the game MTG. The casual players who want to spend time in games they love this game while playing. It’s an addictive game and lots of fun with amazing tactics. You can also play this game on your phone and the best collection for the PC games lovers.


The game is very tough to play. First you have to set your hands by playing again and again then only you are able to clear the levels. The StarCraft is full of amazing and new expansion in between the missions is to grab the attention of the gamer. This game’s fanbase is very high. Most people who play this game are from South Korea. The graphics of the game are very well built and the crafted is also best according to modern technology.

The game is full of space exploration and SpaceCraft also wrote the book on asymmetrical RTS games. This PC game is easy to learn but takes time to master in it so every PC gamer at least puts this game under the belt. The game is available free only for the PC. For some gamers, the game is like “No game No life”. Therefore make this game a collection on PC.


Paladins are just similar to Overwatch and Blizzard Entertainment. The style, graphics are the same as the Overwatch. Anyone from the outside who knows about the Overwatch. But the game is not exactly the same as the Paladins also used some good tactics and stats but most of the levels are the same as Overwatch. In fact, the difference is that Overwatch is the paid version of Blizzard Entertainment whereas the Paladins are free to download on PC.

When you play the game Paladins and Overwatch you are able to know that the Paladins grab the attention of the gamer. The game is similar to Overwatch but little different thinking makes the Paladins the first choice of the gamer. If you want to win this game then you need more practice again and again. The best free game is available for the PC. Every gamer should have this game in their collection.

League of Legends/DOTA 2

There are two games listed in one, one is League of Legends and second, is DOTA 2. Both games are like Coke and Pepsi in the world of MOBA. Now the question is what is MOBA? The full form of the MOBA is Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. The MOBA is a new game genre that will start with the ancient DOTA that is called the RTS Warcraft III.

The MOBA is the team-based game where the players are in different characters and to defend their own base and destroy the opponent base to win the battle without losing the health of its own base. The game is amazing to play, very interesting and full of fighting makes it a popular game in the eSports world. Every gamer should have these types of games in their collection lists.

Moreover, the League of Legends is the more attractive game for gamers because it is free to download where the DOTA is a paid game. That is the reason DOTA has less popularity compared to the League of Legends.

Apex Legends

MOBAs gaming is the best game producer for the years but now the time is different everyone is moving towards the battle royale type of games. The two well-known names are Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds. But the new developers who are also taking part in the game developing world. These games are like a large number of players playing together and who survives at the last will be the winner. All the prize will belong to the last survivor of the battle royale.

Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment, the workers who worked in the game Call of Duty they are also helping this game to make. The game is totally the same as Pubg but the unique features and amazing tools to fight and sharp armors made this game awesome.

The graphics are adorable in Apex Legends. The new guns and shoot from very far are up to the mark. Although the battle royale is a full adventure to play the AAA graphics and shoot down the man gives you money for the assets you required between the play. One more important thing to download this your PC has to be good enough to support this game. Apex Legends is an amazing game the gamer should love to play this game again and again. Moreover, every gamer should try this game and put the game in the first list of the collection of games.


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No Game No Life, I hope above all the games are helpful for you to make the collection and enjoy the game. Make your own list and give a grade to every game by your experience of play. Remember the game is an important part of life, enjoy and play games. And stay with us for further updates about the games.

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