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Fans of Batman: the animated series Have reason to celebrate. DC Comics has revealed that they are publishing a sequel to the beloved animated program, which comes from the original producers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett. The six-number miniseries, titled Batman: the adventures continue, is expected to arrive later this year, with "digital first" problems before the physical copies reach the shelves.

Paul Dini and Alan Burnett are ready to write the series, which will feature the art of Ty Templeton. The group previously collaborated on a BTAS book entitled Batman Adventures. Several preview pages have been revealed, which look incredibly true to what fans will remember about the show, as well as making fun of several characters like Batgirl, Nightwing and, for the first time in this universe, Jason Todd. Dini had this to say about it.

"We had passed from Dick Grayson to Tim Drake, and we had left Jason aside. What we are doing with this is seeing this as an opportunity to return and recognize that it was part of Batman's animated story. The first time, you will see that story and you'll see what happened in that relationship. So, it's our chance not only to make Jason Todd but also Red Hood. There are other characters like Azrael, who was popular in the comics (the moment of the show) and Deathstroke, who we never use in the animated series. "

The idea is that they will continue right where they left the program, so it seems that time has not passed. The beloved program aired in 1995, but it has remained incredibly popular among DC fans in later years. Ty Templeton had this to say about it.

"It's fun not to feel that we have to deal with the 15-year gap since we tell stories with these characters. We can feel we just got into these things yesterday, because the shows and comics are always out there." They never leave. I didn't want it to look like there was a big gap and Batman was old and Tim was in his 30s or something. I'm really happy that he feels like the next day. "

As for the story? The first problem will address two problems. One of them is a gigantic robot that bursts into Wayne Enterprises, which is glimpsed in the prior art, while the other is Lex Luthor's mysterious return to Gotham City. As Paul Dini explained, the idea is that this is a sequel of the kind Superman Cross, The best of the world.

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"We are starting with the Bruce-Lex relationship in a sequel to (the crossover of Batman and Superman) & # 39; World & # 39; s Finest & # 39; because the events are addressed. Where did Bruce and Lex leave after Batman stopped them? And Superman? It's interesting to see the little duel that develops between them. "

Batman: the animated series He broadcast 85 episodes from 1992 to 1995 and introduced Kevin Conroy as the voice of the Masked Crusader, which many fans call "the real true Batman." The show is considered one of the best representations of the character that has been presented on the screen in any way. Batman: the adventures continue It will debut in digital in April, with physical copies that will arrive on May 6. This news comes to us through Entertainment Weekly.

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